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Wow - thank you

From Perrot

Just sharing some wins/success stories written lately.

In order to provide some context – this person did receive some auditing years ago up to NOTs, including some version of the Ls in the 90’s, then was happily advancing on his Solo NOTs doing a very honest work with positive life change. 1,599 more words


Shirley Completes with a Bang-up Bunch of Wins

Our beloved friend Shirley tells a great story of her spiritual journey, just having completed SOLO NOTS with flying colors:

“My journey to spiritual freedom began when I was about 25.   398 more words


Not just another Solo NOTS Completion

This success story speaks for itself:

Profound. Eternal. A goal that I have had for eons achieved.  This is the most important adventure I have ever experienced, to truly be cause over life. 224 more words


Success Completing Solo NOTS

Success Story

Three years ago I was in despair about getting onto OT 7 this lifetime, let alone through it. A recent trip to Flag had used up the budget for the year but left me no closer to… 440 more words


This is What I got into Scientology FOR

R. G. has been doing services in the Independent Field for some time,  recently made it onto Solo NOTS, and is doing very well indeed: 169 more words



by TA

This is my contribution to Milestone II — a very important project

It is now over two years I have been auditing on Solo NOTs. 973 more words


Like others to have the gains?

By Shirley T

I am astonished. Right now I have a non-stop F/N, state of exterior, joy just “bubbling” out.

I had addressed an areas of charge, that when it lifted, that when it lifted, this win just keeps going and unfolding. 94 more words

Milestone Two