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Sudden Breakthrough on Solo Auditor Training

Rima has been training as a Solo NOTS auditor, and recently had a major breakthrough, and we are very proud of her:

“The journey through the lower OT levels was one of awareness; of self and what has imbued the self.  338 more words


Ideal Org Romania for Ex-Communist Scientologists Now Open

“The new Scientology Ideal Org Romania for Ex-Communist Scientologists is now open,” declared Commissar Frank Wonderman, CO for Eastern European and Russia.

“Thus far, however, no Sea Org have reported for duty and no publics have appeared to purchase Scientology goods and services in great quantities.” 168 more words



By Manhattan Tom

This level quietly but very fundamentally blew my mind!

And it’s hard to talk about the new awarenesses and abilities as there have been so many, so I’ll say something about those most important to me. 478 more words

Milestone Two

OT success from France

A recent OT Success from France

“Self-determinated :

“Determinated to :      A new way of life

                                    Assume my new state of beingness

                                    Recover my new me or new I… 158 more words

Milestone Two


There is so much you could say about this level.

It gives you the secret to what is really happening in the universe. By addressing this and doing the procedure you become more you — really just you. 138 more words


Original OT IV

By Ingrid Smith

Here is an OT lV win!!


I just attested to OT IV. This is the original OTIV that LRH released, not the re-somethinged version that’s being released now. 121 more words


Latest win from Shirley on Solo NOTS

Shirley has been doing very well solo auditing on OT VII.  Here is her latest win:

   “In auditing along on Solo NOTS this win subtly unfolded: 209 more words