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A Musical Case For Typological Realism Part 3

The third of my four part argument for typological realism through the conceptual metaphor of music has just been published on the Theopolis Institute:

Music’s revelation of time’s potential to be a realm of unity and coherence affords us new ways of conceiving typology.

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Temple Cosmology

The biblical worldview had many tripartite divisions that start all the way back to the creation of the world.

Though many people seem to conflate the entire world with the Garden of Eden that wasn’t the case. 774 more words

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Transfigured Hermeneutics—Part 3: Transfiguration as Theophany

The third part of my series (parts 1 and 2) on the Transfiguration and our reading of Scripture has just been published over on Reformation21: 242 more words


Podcast: Sacrifice

On Mere Fidelity this week, Derek, Matt, and I discuss Moshe Halbertal’s book, On Sacrifice. I recommend Halbertal’s book very highly. Do share your thoughts in the comments. 26 more words


Podcast: Transfiguration

In the latest Mere Fidelity episode I join Derek Rishmawy and Andrew Wilson to discuss the subject of the Transfiguration.

Please leave any thoughts that you might have on the podcast in the comments. 13 more words


The Politics of Hannah's Opened Womb

I have just posted over on Political Theology Today, on Hannah’s prayer in the temple at the start of 1 Samuel and her prayer of rejoicing after the birth of her son. 157 more words


Podcast: Christocentric Hermeneutics?

In our latest Mere Fidelity podcast, I join Derek Rishmawy and Andrew Wilson to discuss the huge question of Christocentric hermeneutics.

Among other things in the podcast, we discuss the meaning of the scarlet cord in the story of Rahab in Joshua 2. 84 more words