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Let's Go: Otakon- The Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons to Otakon, mainly pros, but also a few cons. People will like the schedule app that Otakon has made. It had made it easier to keep a plan every day of the convention….however, once the schedule changed, it completely wiped what you originally planned to do. 575 more words


Otakon Took Over D.C. For the Weekend!

For the past 6 years, the only Otakon I knew was the Otakon that resided in Baltimore, MD at the Baltimore Convention Center. I remember walking from the Marriott hotel on the corner to the Royal farms for chicken wings and milkshakes or the time the sky fell and my friend and I walked in the rain to get back to our hotel room; her holding up her ballgown skirt and me making sure my sandals didn’t slip off my feet in the heavy downpour. 1,870 more words


Otakon 2017 Photoblog

I spent last weekend at Otakon 2017, which moved to Washington DC this year after it outgrew the convention center in Baltimore.  Below are the pictures I took of some neat cosplay and some other cool things I saw and did there. 538 more words


Otakon 2017 - Chaos or Tranquility?

Greetings digital literary consumers! Or if you prefer, there is the phrase consumers of literary digital content. But regardless of your preference, I welcome you to another edition of glorified geekery! 1,699 more words


Let's Go: Otakon Part 3

There’s one place in particular that people go to at conventions. Whether it is Doctor Who related, Comic-cons, or anime conventions in general, people have a tendency to flock to the dealer’s rooms. 356 more words


Let's Go: Otakon Part 2


Okay this section is about the amazing cosplay photoshoots Otakon had throughout the weekend. I had been following Otakon on Facebook and they had been talking about professional photoshoots for cosplayers. 465 more words


Let's Go: Otakon Pt. 1

               Otakon is an anime convention that used to be held every year in Baltimore, Maryland. With the amount of people growing in attendance, the convention was moved to Washington DC this year. 358 more words