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Otaku Test: Year

Welcome to another otaku test. This time around I am interested in seeing if you know how old your beloved anime is, or more accurately, I want to see if you know what year they were first aired. 126 more words


10 Tips on How to Get Regular Comments on Your Blog Posts

Hello my dear folks!  How are you all doing?  One of the most common questions my fellow bloggers ask me is how I get regular comments.   2,293 more words


Genshiken2 EP1-10

Genshiken members are chatting in the club’s room after their Komi-Fes meeting. 230 more words


More than one anime?

As a few of you may know, there is quite a large anime community at my school which I too am apart of. They may even be the reason why I have started watching more anime lately, but I will talk about that in another post. 273 more words

Anime Discussion

Fairy Tail 2


First of all, I have been a Fairy tail fan ever since episode 12 of the first season came out and I have been following this anime my whole life. 342 more words


"Gundam Thunderbolt" Anime Review: Ends In A Flash


Thunderbolt is 15minutes per episode of its 4 episode run that spawns from the original manga of the same name. It`s a short fulfilling project that is even going to be turned into a compilation + new content film as done with… 288 more words



Along with good times I have tough ones as well……….. Just these past few weeks I went through a tough bind with a close female friend and lost my job due to an alternate schedule request……….. 331 more words