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Here’s why you should never shine a black light on a used anime character figure

With the unrelenting flow of new animated series produced in Japan, the country’s hyper-otaku could always use some extra cash to pay for the latest and greatest… 509 more words


Need Something To Laugh? - Top 5 Comedy Animes

I’m in need of something funny right now, so I thought ‘Why not share it with the UNOTAKU community?’ So here goes UNOTAKUs too 5… 387 more words


Liebster Award #2

I was recently informed that I was nominated for the Liebster Award again, courtesy of One St0p for all EnterTainmenT and Otaku Highschool Life. Thanks go out to both of you! 1,490 more words


Types Of Male Characters In Anime

Have you already noticed the different types of boys there are in so many animes? 333 more words



Hello my gangster lovelies! Felicia here.

For our first proper post, I decided to talk about an anime I’ve been watching. I don’t get much time to watch much anime nor have I seen one in quite a while. 458 more words