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2016 Autumn Anime

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Introducing Sara!

Hey everybody! Sara desu! California daigaku, Berkeley ko no gakusee desu. Ryuugakusee deshita. (My name is Sara and I am a student from University of California, Berkeley. 225 more words


Anime "Otaku" Youtubers: The horror story of a content creation genre

Before you all get in a hissy fit, let me explain a thing to you. 

I am not elitist, i am not a troll, i just have pride in myself as an otaku and the subculture as a whole, and despise fanboys and fangirls on tumblr (and yes, youtube, or anywhere where they might be present) who make lets plays defouling the games they play or lets watches that do the same, are acne riddled incompetent one piece and naruto watchers, boil all anime down to who’s hot and who’s not, or just non-believers in the multiple universe theory when it comes to the ones represented here through t.v. 477 more words


Thoughts on: Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu Ka? ( Is the order a rabbit?) Seasons one and two.

This review will have spoilers for both seasons.

This anime is a lovely one to sit back with a hot drink ( coffee is preferred, but tea is also acceptable if you’re the Syaro type) and hear the rain outside while the girls brighten up your sky in the sun’s place. 382 more words


My Otakon Weekend Nights...

I wrote about my trip to Baltimore, MD’s Otakon 2016, which happened a few weeks ago, for Medium.com.

The field was overflowing by the time I hit graduate school, and I was beginning to become more and more critical of the fandom, with its cultural fetishism, sexism, and weird obsessions with surefire crowdpleasers like hypersexualitzation, fanservice imagery, Nazi iconography, and of course, casual racism.

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