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Awesome otaku room has a huge secret: It’s an amazingly detailed miniature!【Photos】

You might not think you have enough space in your home to display all these anime and movie robots, but you’re wrong. 514 more words


Genshiken2 EP11-1

Ogiue and Sasahara eventually got to their sales counter. 412 more words


Dreaming Of Japan

About two nights ago, I dreamed I was at an airport, or at least what my mind considered to be an airport while in my dreamlike state. 1,438 more words


Sword Art Online Apparently Gets a 3rd Season

So apparently SAO: Ordinal Scale dropped without my knowing and there was a surprise at the end. First off let me say that I swear that I thought the movie was supposed to drop in March. 114 more words


Shiki: A Boring Tale of Vampires.

Humans have two sides, the animal side which keeps us alive and human side which builds societies, laws, art. This side makes us what we are. 517 more words


Blizzy's 7 most anticipated spring 2017 anime

Recently I’ve started getting back on that anime grind and I’ve managed to watch some shows from this year which is much better than last year. 954 more words