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OTCs in Action Episode 28: DNA-based diets a beacon of future OTCs

EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE OFFERED DNA-BASED DIETS UK: Overweight patients in Essex are being offered the opportunity to receive DNA-based tailored diets and exercise regimes under a pilot scheme offered by the National Health Service. 332 more words


Should I get OTC 6575-3 Hub OTC 6575-3 now?

OTC (6575-3) Hub Grappler Hydraulic Kit price:
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Technical Stuff:

  • Economical way to increase the performance and speed of wheel bearing and hub service… 453 more words
  • OCTG Caught In The 'Muddle'

    Historically, the month of May has always been a “lite” news month no matter what’s taking place in the oil & gas markets. We refer to it as the ‘muddle’ of the year and this May is no exception. 416 more words

    Oil & Gas Industry

    From where does the gold price originate?

    Here is some evidence…

    We investigate which of the two main centers of gold trading – the London spot market and the New York futures market – plays a more important role in setting the price of gold.

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    OTC 7918 Master OTC 7918 actually has a great warranty

    OTC (7918) Master Ball Joint Adapter Set price:
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    Technical Stuff:

  • This set was created specifically to expand the capability of your 7249 ball joint service set… 393 more words
  • OTC 6689 Cam OTC 6689 justifies the high price

    OTC (6689) Cam Tool Set – Chrysler/Jeep price:
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    Technical Stuff:

  • Ensure proper cam timing when servicing timing belts chains head gaskets or performing other valve train repairs… 388 more words
  • Will OTC 1526 Stinger OTC 1526 work for you?

    OTC (1526) Stinger Two Speed 3-1/2-Ton Service Jack price:
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    Technical Stuff:

  • Ideal floor jack for either a large automotive service center or a one-person shop… 1,064 more words