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Jealousy, A re-imagination of Othello

I was warned of jealousy:
It is the green-eyed monster
Which doth mock the meat it feeds on!

We are moulded by different hands
Then can we really live in harmony? 331 more words

And Now...A Shakespeare Lesson

I’m teaching William Shakespeare’s Othello this week.  That means I can use a free space to lecture the loyal Gabbing Geek readers (both of them) with some hard Billy the Shakes knowledge.  1,053 more words

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National Theatre Comes to the Classroom

If you’re a hard-pressed English teacher, the National Theatre’s recently-announced initiative for schools is a real breakthrough in terms of your students’ learning experience with set texts. 335 more words

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Chapter 21--Tea for Two

I stood at corner between the sink and the stove, leaning on the edge of the counter and the edge of the late afternoon. The sun danced wildly on the countertop, as the trees outside—birches and pines—bowed and bobbed and waved in the late afternoon light. 2,567 more words

J is for Jealousy

Shakespeare’s “green-eyed monster” is often a key component in romance novels. Jealousy as a character trait or as a major conflict or motivation has been used in the romance field with great success for decades. 337 more words

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