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Anne Hathaway Speaks

My husband Will was not inattentive to me, though this is what most folk assumed. True he lived in London and I saw him scarce, but when he arrived back to Stratford, O then! 1,161 more words

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Othello Scene Comics

This is a great activity for engaging your senior students with Shakespeare’s Othello. It allows them to interact with the play in a fun and engaging way, while familiarizing them with the language and plot. 124 more words


Shakespeare, William

For this year’s A to Z Blog challenge, I thought I’d draw back the curtain and explore the life and times of a bibliophile.  Care to join me? 394 more words

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Othello Reading Response

After reading the play Othello I can say that this is the first play that I have experienced having a drastic change of opinion through the process of reading it. 623 more words


Shakespeare’s Take on Jephthah: The Ill-Fated Women in Othello

Othello is easily one of William Shakespeare’s most psychologically unsettling tragedies.  The narrative deals with racism, manipulation, paranoia, and violent betrayal.  While many critics are fascinated with the title character’s fall from grace and more still are intrigued by Iago’s evil, another vital component of the story is the sad fate of the innocents destroyed by these characters’ vices.  531 more words


How Insecure Can You Be?

First and fore most Othello is a soldier. Othello predicts that his success in love will be exactly like his success as a soldier. He woos Desdemona with tales of his extraordinary and dangerous battles, however; after the Turks drown, Othello is left with nothing to do. 175 more words


Whose tragedy is it anyways?

In the reading of Othello, many scholars have questioned whether Othello is even the tragic hero or the main character of the play. Instead, some believe it is Iago who fulfills the role of the tragic hero. 593 more words