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Bryan Hiles delivers a finely judged performance as Shakespeare's Hamlet

BRYAN Hiles never imagined himself in the role of Hamlet, instead he thought he was more suited to playing Laertes, brother to Ophelia, writes http://www.theluvvie.com’s… 831 more words

Ms Murphy Year 12 Home Learning

Dear Year 12,

please print, stick in and complete these independent learning tasks for our lesson next Tuesday: act-5-independent-tasks act-5-religious-context There is also a ‘Context’ handout so that you are familiar with relevant AO3 in preparation for Act 5:2.

Ms Murphy

Though his actions were not visible ...

Though his actions were not visible, yet

Report should render him hourly to your ear

As truly as he moves (Pisanio, Cymbeline)

When next you hear about – or indeed deride, yourself – the fabulous, wholly unjustified level of holidays enjoyed by teachers, spare a thought in particular for this poor English teacher …

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Stereotypes and sexist language in Othello

Elizabethan and Jacobean society was patriarchal. Men were seen as superior in every way and had power and authority over women.  Fathers were seen as the heads of the house and decided when and to whom their daughters would marry.   222 more words

Episode 3: Othello

Reciting a monologue from William Shakespeare’s Othello.

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The Clown and the Crook: Finding Trump in Shakespeare's Othello

It’s hard not to see reflections of Donald Trump in art these days. Take the sudden climb up the bestseller lists for George Orwell and other dystopian authors, or the obvious comparisons between Trump and… 930 more words


Machiavellian Machinations

In Machiavelli’s The Prince (1513) we can read about the political manoeuvring that is often defined as ‘Machiavellian’ – where the taking of political scalps (“the killing of innocents”) and dishonest and unscrupulous dealings are detailed as a necessary means to an end. 13 more words