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OTHELLO - Bell Shakespeare - PART 2/2

Continuing on from my post two weeks ago – Bell Shakespeare’s portrayal of Othello, and their clever use of stage and lighting design.

The only time I can think of in the whole show where any set pieces aside from the before-mentioned table were brought onto stage was in one particularly tragically climactic scene near the end of the play. 628 more words

Australian Theatre

Nemesis IV (Amstrad Cassette 50 Game 28)

Who knows how to play Othello? And no, not the Shakespeare character who elopes with Desdemona. I mean the boardgame. Well, watch this video and you’ll probably be still none the wiser.

Cassette 50

Othello - the untold story

My year 10s are tasked with transforming an act or scene from Othello into another text type and, as I was explaining the assignment to them today, I mentioned that you could play around with genre as well as form. 676 more words


"Othello" by Shakespeare- Drama Review

Siapa yang gak pernah dengar nama Shakespeare? (ayo angkat kaki..*eh angkat tangan) Jangan berani ngaku-ngaku kamu anak Ga-ul yah, kalo kamu gak kenal siapa Shakespeare guys. 1,274 more words

August meeting

At our August meeting we read through Act 2 scenes 1 and 2 of Othello, and discussed scene 1 because scene 2 is so brief. 36 more words

#edbookfest: Malorie Blackman Goes Intergalactic: "I call sci-fi the fiction of the possible."

Malorie Blackman needs no introduction, but here’s a fact that sums up her prowess as a children’s and YA writer: Chasing the Stars, is her 69th book. 652 more words


“Othello” by William Shakespeare

I haven’t read a play since university and I haven’t read any Shakespeare since school. School put me off Shakespeare, we started with Macbeth which was fine, then moved onto… 545 more words

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