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Sample paragraph ideas

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Part of the disturbed mind of Porphyria’s lover is presented through the character’s possessive nature. 399 more words

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How to succeed in the controlled assessment

Compare the ways a disturbed character is presented in Othello and the poetry of Robert Browning.

In your answer you should write about:

  • Your response to the characters: your ideas about what is disturbing them and how the writer presents their inner conflict…
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Machiavellian Villain and Tragic Hero


Discuss what is being disturbed means.  Link to context.  e.g. the Machiavellian villain common in Shakespeare’s work and the tragic hero:

What does Machiavellian mean? 594 more words

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Sunday Sonnet - 22 November 2015

The events in our country today bring to mind for me one of Shakespeare’s sonnets, where the moral character of an individual has nothing to do with the color of his or her skin. 484 more words

Tracing Othello’s Disturbed Character

Act 3

  • As a way of making Othello jealous, Iago warns him against jealousy. Othello says he’s not the jealous type and declares “No Iago; I’ll see before I doubt” “Away at once with love or jealousy!” …
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Making the Links

Theme: Unsuccessful and jealous love as cause of ‘madness’.

  • THEME – The central theme in both poems is Love, plus the need to preserve love for one’s self.
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