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If a handkerchief could speak. Part One..

I am now naught but a party piece of the new governor of Cyprus. Stained.  Passed around like a whore in a tavern. Devoid of dignity, pride or ownership. 295 more words


Recent Bookish Buys (#5)

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I really hadn’t been meaning to buy this many books, since just like a month or so ago, I bought ten book at once at a bookstore using a gift voucher I had. 848 more words


Theatre: Othello at the Abbey, 5 May - 11 June

‘Beware, my lord, of jealousy: It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on’

Othello is a powerful man. The protector of Venice, he has won many battles. 156 more words


Iago: An Analysis of “Motiveless Malignity”

While Othello, from Shakespeare’s play of the same name, is the title character and the obvious protagonist of the play, it may be argued that the main character is in fact the antagonist, Iago. 977 more words

Response To Literature

Scena Mundi: Othello

Following on from the success of Twelfth Night, Scena Mundi return with the second production in their ‘Mistaken Love’ season at the end of May: Othello. 275 more words

For the love of Shakespeare

Shakespeare is one of those topics at school that you hated in the beginning–what is this language? This ‘thee’ and ‘thy’ business? Why can I understand nothing?–but the older you grow, the more you truly appreciate how incredible a playwright he was, and just how much he understood the inner workings of humanity. 571 more words

sillynilly today


 One time Iago ( who was a playmate of Othello when they were children) made fun of Othello’s nose, and Othello boxed him on his. 199 more words