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Six Most Exquisite Literary Suicides

One concept I attempt to convey to students when I teach tragedy is that when tragedy works, it exhilarates rather than depresses the audience. Much depends on the protagonist; he or she must outstrip us in stature, or as my translation of Aristotle puts it, be “better” than we are, i.e., more profoundly human, capable of greater deeds (and greater misdeeds). 2,286 more words


Why Your Villain Isn't Essential Enough

New to this series?  Check out our intro post here, or the last post, on why your villain isn’t smart enough here!   

We’ve talked about a lot of different essential elements of a villain so far in this series, from… 508 more words

Writing Tips

How does Shakespeare introduce key themes in Act 1 of King Lear?

King Lear stands like a colossus at the centre of Shakespeare’s achievements as the grandest example of his imagination. The recurring theme of paganism is significant, especially since most of his plays are set against the backdrop of a Christian era in English history. 1,757 more words


Classic Games 1

February 25, 2015

OK, here we go… this is the first of many posts that it will take to show you all the classic games that are here in the Wunderland game room!   125 more words



13 February 2015

Twas the night before Valentine’s, and I was off to see a play about sex, jealousy, obsession and death. Probably a good thing I didn’t have a boyfriend to take with me (even if the couple I did go with didn’t seem to have a problem). 608 more words


Othello, produced by Time Zone Theatre, reviewed 15/02/15 for remotegoat.com

The Rose Playhouse is one of the most unique fringe theatres in London. On a small wooden platform, theatre productions and their audiences overlook a dim, concrete cavern surrounding a pool of water. 362 more words

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