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Orson vs Othello

Not everything is Black and White in Orson Welles’ film noir adaptation of Othello (1952)

Film Noir arose from the ashes of a disenchanted America in the early years of WWII; in the face of genocide, artists sought to find beauty in misery and perhaps no one more successfully than Orson Welles in his adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello. 948 more words


In which romance is not all it's cracked up to be

Romance is supposed to be one of the more straightforward messes a person can and will (inevitably) find themselves in. One meets another, sparks fly, hijinks ensue, yada-yada-yada, happy ending (hopefully). 772 more words


My Writing A-Z … M is for MSLEXIA

M is for MSLEXIA (‘for women who write’).

I really like this magazine and have a subscription to it (ahem, please note photo of the last issue, received at least a fortnight ago, still in its plastic wrapper, because I’m waiting for that elusive chunk of time so I can enjoy reading it from cover to cover…). 609 more words


The Bard in Boulder

The Colorado Shakespeare Festival is one of my favorite Colorado experiences. Over the weekend, I attended for the second time, and I am happy to report that the experience was every bit as wonderful as I had remembered it. 784 more words


Othello - RSC 2015 review

Review added of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Othello. (FOLLOW LINK). This production is notable for casting a black Iago (Lucian Msamati) and is also the RSC at its very best.

Jacob Fortune-Lloyd

I Will Wear My Heart On My Sleeve...

‘For, sir,
It is as sure as you are Roderigo,
Were I the Moor, I would not be Iago:
In following him, I follow but myself; 65 more words


Moor Money, Moor Problems

Othello the Moor.

You had faith in the wrong guy.

How’d that work out, pal?

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