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Palestinian boycott of Israeli products started today

It is ironic- all around the world, there are BDSers who refuse to buy Israeli products because they don’t believe in Israel.  The Palestinians, however, have always purchased Israeli milk and other products from companies such as Osem, Tnuva, Prigat and more.   408 more words

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Frugal costume shopping UPDATED COUPON 19 Feb 2015

That time when all children get to live out their fantasy for one day is just around the corner.  Whether they dream of being Elza, Spiderman, or a chayal, costume shopping in Israel is one of my most stressful experiences.   564 more words


Tu B'shevat- did we make aliyah or not?

Tu B’shevat has come, the holiday for the trees- the almond tree is blossoming- and we are eating dried fruit from Turkey.  WHAT? That is not how the song goes.   317 more words

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Egg prices are going down!

The Ministry of Agriculture has announced the new lowered price of eggs that come under price regulation, which includes a package of 12 “regular” eggs (not omega, organic, or free range): 89 more words

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No more mercury thermometers on the shelves

On 4-May-14, in accordance with Medical Administration Circular 23/2013, the Pharmaceutical Administration of the Ministry of Health directed pharmacies and Medications Rooms (in HMOs, health institutions, pharmacy chains and private pharmacies) to refrain from selling mercury thermometers in pharmacies, starting from 1-Jan-15. 59 more words

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Hot meals for 5 shekels- now in Jerusalem

Tel Aviv residents have been enjoying the five shekel meals served by Cofix this winter.  Now, Jerusalem residents can also have a hot meal for only five shekels! 64 more words

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New Shufersal brand diapers- boon or bust?

In an effort to increase sales after their 156 million shekel loss last quarter as well as the lowering/cancellation of import taxes on many food products, Shufersal has been increasing the number of generic products that they sell.   76 more words

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