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Fabulous Floral Quilts - Old and New

If you haven’t gotten down to the Museum of the San Ramon Valley in Danville to see the Quintessential Quilts – a Floral Fantasy show, you still have ten days to hustle down there.   340 more words

Alethea Ballard

Don’t Call Me Ma’am

(Post Featured on Freshly Pressed!)

There is a single word in the English language that has the power to ruin my whole day.  That word is Ma’am. 825 more words

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This really made my day and I'm glad I'm not alone, even if I am just 16 years old. I would still loved to be called M'lady. Awesome post!

I'm Sorry For My Generation

I would like to apologise for my generation. I’d like to apologise because the older generation see us as ungrateful, uneducated, disrespectful yobs. And I’m afraid a large percentage of my generation are those things. 798 more words


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Could not have said it any better. Great, honest blog!

Must Have... fabrics for January 2013

It all starts with fabric.

And it all ends with fabric.

And it’s all fabric in between!

Now, I’ve been to four different fabric stores in the past week and NOWHERE did I see this fabric! 224 more words

Alethea Ballard

Yee Ha and Hopalong Quiltedy!

Strap on Your Spurs, little darlin’s I’m doing a Quiltalong!

Here’s Amy Ellis block for October 1 – Very Nice.

That means you read the posts and make some brand spankin’ new blocks for a creative project! 449 more words

Alethea Ballard

Make Bombs Not War

Yarn bombs that is.

It’s only 23 days to International Yarn Bombing Day – do you have your arsenal ready?

What is a yarn bomb, you ask? 620 more words

Alethea Ballard