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A beaded bracelet

Today, I took the beads I bought yesterday and started following the pattern that I had also purchased. It wasn’t hard to follow, and if you’re adept at using a hand sewing needle the technique wasn’t difficult but tension is important. 52 more words

Other Crafty Things

Shield Pillow

Some crafts just make sense. Like a pillow made to look like Captain America’s shield. So I have taken it upon myself to make one. It works very well and it looks great too. 351 more words

Captain America

New Camera!!!!!!

Hey guys! Just wanted to say that I’m getting a new camera!!!!! :) I haven’t had a digital camera since 2008 and I am so excited! 80 more words


Brownies and Blankets

Hey all you bloggers! It’s been a bit since I posted last. :/ So to catch up, I made this brownie thing for a friend’s cookout (they are called slu*ty brownies haha!)—chocolate chip cookie dough layer, Oreo layer, chocolate chips, brownie layer, more chocolate chips. 401 more words


And the cooking continues to improve!

Hey bloggers! So I’ve decided to branch out and try new recipes to cook since my last experiment with baking went so well. This time I decided to go with mini chicken pot pies and a shepherds pie (I know, carb overload right?). 307 more words


Happy (late) Easter! ; Do It Anyway

Happy Easter everyone! I’m a little bit late sooo I’m sorry. :) I have been doing lots of things lately for this holiday and let me tell you, I am TIRED. 597 more words


Christmas cushions ta-dah

I wanted to do something a little different for Christmas so I bought four cushion covers, two teal and two silver.

Onto the first two I sewed some crochet snowflakes that I made back at the beginning of the year: … 119 more words