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Leisure Friday

After a very busy week, I decided to treat today as a day of leisure. As I curled up with my morning pot of tea and my weekend novel, I had that delicious sense of relaxation that always reminds me of a cat stretching. 50 more words

Other Delights

A Breath of Fresh Air

I woke up this morning to the sight and sound of trees blowing in the wind and went downstairs to put a load of laundry in the washing machine. 158 more words

Other Delights

The Absurdities of Zoom Voice Recognition

This fall, I am teaching a women’s history course via Zoom for the Maine Senior Colleges. Each week’s class is recorded on Zoom and the recording is shared with the class – great for review and also for those who missed class. 138 more words

Other Delights

Turkeys Behaving Badly

When I wake up each morning, I turn on the radio and listen to NPR news while I do my back exercises and get washed and dressed and ready for the day. 135 more words

Other Delights

Comfort TV

With most of my usual social outlets cut off by the pandemic, I’ve been turning to comforting television programs for a nightly dose of relaxation, courtesy of my Acorn TV subscription. 85 more words

COVID-19 Pandemic

Here Yesterday, Gone Today

For the past few days, I’ve been nursing an irritation of my sciatic nerve. This has not been full-blown sciatica with its shooting pain down the back of the leg. 146 more words

COVID-19 Pandemic

Caipirinhas - not just Brazil's favourite cocktail!

Family favourites can date back 70 years – or 70 days …… which is exactly where the Caipirinha cocktail fits into the Barnard Family Food spectrum! 445 more words