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Gym Koolaid

(For the purpose of this post, “koolaid” refers to an idea or doctrine pushed by a particular establishment. It is a sarcastic reference to the koolaid cults use to administer group suicide.) 433 more words


Vivi Life Fitness

Took time off from shooting while I was getting my masters at Columbia last year, but lifting for the NPC show kept me in pretty good shape. 274 more words


First Things First, She's the Realist!

Greetings from Paris!

Congrats to my beautiful friend and fitness photographer extraordinaire Natalie Minh for 2014 Best of Los Angeles Award in Photography. Worth me dusting off the ol’ bloggy blog! 20 more words


Bootcamp Class in NYC's "Fattest Borough"

You think Staten Island and you think “ITALIAN FOOD.” My pal and I went down to Staten Island to dig up some stories and I found… 23 more words


A Month Without Sugar

I haven’t been posting here lately. I have been busy preparing for my upcoming book, which takes all of my free time, and I haven’t been running. 474 more words

Other Fitness

The circuit workout that has been kicking my butt

I am finally back home in North Carolina after a whole lot of traveling last week. After spending most of the week in California for work, I headed straight to New York City for a friend’s bachelorette party. 312 more words

Other Fitness

Changing focus

Though it may not have seemed like it over the past year or so, I actually do like to do other things besides running. A few years ago, after finishing my first marathon and right around the time I started this blog, I was really into a weight training phase. 595 more words