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The Captain's Kitchen Special Sauce Recipe Revealed!

Regular readers know that the Captain’s Kitchen has won the crown for the World’s Best Shrimpburger for the last three years, an unprecedented feat. There are many reasons for the Captain’s Kitchen’s ascendancy, and you can read the details of their 2019 triumph… 405 more words

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Muchas Gracias, Washington, DC

I wandered down Connecticut Avenue looking for a new place to get lunch, and stumbled upon Muchas Gracias. It’s a narrow storefront formerly occupied by a pizza carry-out place, squeezed in between Buck’s and Sugar Fox, the Little Red Fox ice cream and cupcake shop. 850 more words

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Ketch 22, North Beach, Maryland

I arranged a lunch to meet my old buddies from the Criminal Section of the Civil Rights Division where I spent a few years on police brutality cases and hate crimes.   715 more words

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Smith's Red and White, Dortches, North Carolina

I did not stop for barbecue on the way back from the beach at Pine Knoll Shores.

I guess I should explain.  There was a hiccup in my departure — we lost one of the keys and one parking pass for our rental — a problem I resolved easily enough by reconciling myself to the loss of $75.   674 more words

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The 2020 World's Best Shrimpburger Competition: Recapping the Results

Let me recapitulate the results of the 2020 World’s Best Shrimpburger Competition for those who joined us late.  I confused things when I led off with the ultimate winner, and only later — several barbecue posts later — started with the countdown: 3d runner-up, 2d runner-up, etc.   344 more words

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The 2020 World's Best Shrimpburger Competition: The Clamdigger, Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina

I’m happy to announce that the Clamdigger wins the coveted first runner-up position in the 2020 World Shrimpburger Competition.

The Clamdigger is in The Inn at Pine Knoll Shores, a beachfront hotel convenient to Beacon’s Reach, the area where we always stay.   580 more words

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The 2020 World's Best Shrimpburger Competition: El's, Morehead City, North Carolina

If you thought the Big Oak’s building looked good to hungry passers-by,  El’s is downright seductive.

The building is tiny and the parking lot usually jammed with cars.   382 more words

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