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Oh Deer Me!

One of the best parts of blogging for me has been seeing sewing make a major comeback. I’ve also loved the Sewing Web Community that has grown with it. 180 more words


Spring Summer Inspiration

Spring & summer fashions and inspiration has been swirling in my head the past two weeks. I’ve been pinning and planning on Pinterest for Floridian outfits that are easy for a quick wardrobe update. 149 more words

Other Fun Stuff

Elephant Pants and Butterfly Kimonos and Black Lace. Oh, My!

There’s this scene in Eat, Pray, Love where the protag buys a crap ton of lingerie and sleepwear just ‘cause. I read that and was like, that sounds like a lot of fun. 236 more words

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Lets Talk NHL Expansion.

***This is the offseason. There is little to no Bruins news to post about. Because of this, I dabble in new and interesting topics. The Bruins season overview will be posted this week, I am just working on gathering some more info!*** 882 more words


What Happens When Your Friend Gets a Selfie Stick

My friend Dia loves her new selfie stick. She’s kind of a beast with it. Now she’s on this kick where she makes all her friends pose like other iconic photos. 125 more words

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Books vs E-books vs Audio Books

Paperbacks, e-books or audio books: which format is best?

In the end, they provide the same information, so why do some people prefer one over the other? 873 more words

Other Fun Stuff

Goodreads Reading Challenge


Challenge update: Since I have already read more books this year then I did in all of 2015, I decided to up my reading goal from 50 to 80 books!

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