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The levelling bug has bit again

I haven’t really been playing with my alts this expansion, sticking mostly to my druid for all content. However, with Legion just around the corner the urge to have all my 90+ toons (that I play anyway) to 100 kicked in again and in the last couple of days I’ve got the Death Knight and Mage both up to 100. 428 more words


Dark Souls III - World Record Speedrun

Dark Souls III, much like Star Wars: The Old Republic, is not an easy game to beat.

With that said, there are some insane people who not only try and beat the game, they also try and do so in the shortest time possible… this is the basic premise of a speedrun. 38 more words

Dark Souls Iii

What Have I Been Up To?

It’s been a while….
And I’m here to say I’m sorry…

Or at least explain WHY I haven’t been updating nearly as much as I used to. 312 more words

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Mike O'Brien - 20 years of gaming

PC Gamer celebrated Blizzards 20th anniversary in April. There is a 2 part story and the first one can be found here

PC Gamer looked at what people have been involved and what they have gone off to do around the industry. 173 more words

Guild Wars 2

Overwatch Me Nay Nay

I have no idea if I will buy Overwatch. I played a ton during its open beta and a little bit of it during the closed beta. 951 more words

Other Games

Disney Infinity - CANCELED?

I didn’t believe it. When my husband told me last night as the news was breaking out, I was surprised. I would have never guessed it: 385 more words



Sorry. Sooooo sorry. I got soooo excited when I was posting the title! I mean.. FINALLY! My husband and I have been so excited for this game and to finally have some INFO AND PICTURES- 197 more words