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Maybe More X-Wing

With the shininess of N3’s arrival wearing away, interest in playing X-Wing has started to resurface within the group. 447 more words

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Announcing Albensang!

Dear readers and friends of fine card games in general!

In this here blog post I will be announcing my latest game (side-) project which is going to go by the name of… 2,952 more words

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Contemplating Cities Skyline

NOw, it’s a game that’s getting rave reviews at the moment for a lot of the right reasons although I would have to call it a little overrated as well. 1,183 more words

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Arena Rex Unboxing!

Well ain’t this a curve ball?

After talking about all the games I’ve been stockpiling the other day, guess what showed up on my doorstep? 455 more words

Other Games

Other Games

Of course there are many games which don’t fit neatly into any of the genres we’ve shown, so to help we have coined a new, academically-rigorous classification of “other games”. 58 more words

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The Year in Review, in Review: A Late Retrospective of 2014

I wrote my first draft of this on January 2nd, 2015. I note this because I realize that some people say this retrospective is “late” or “pointless” or “fucking ridiculous like why bother,” but those people are just squares who have confined themselves to a mentality in which relevant units of time begin and end at arbitrarily-defined points.  6,494 more words


[Game Spotlight] Life is Strange

We have seen films about time machine and time travelers like Looper and Back to the Future, read books like Outlander and Time Traveler’s Wife, heard countless of music that reminisces the past and anticipates the future. 118 more words