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Since I am currently a bit annoyed with the various antics going on in Star Trek Online, I have followed Skeleskully and started dabbling in another game called Helldivers, developed by Arrowhead Game Studios. 589 more words


My quest for hidden gems: Jazzpunk

I sometimes buy game bundles that come with a bunch of codes for games I never even looked at before… or I can’t resist that sweet tempting “mystery game for 0.20 €” offer. 997 more words

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Giving Skyrim another chance

It’s been years since I last played Skyrim. While I generally like being able to use mods for a game, I don’t really like having to rely on them to enjoy playing. 459 more words

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A few hours in Civilization VI

Bookahnerk had pre-purchased Civilization VI for himself and for me and we’ve both been looking forward to the game’s release for weeks now. Since I’ve spent the week being sick while still going to work every day (thank you, painkillers, for helping me out), we spent Friday evening being very lazy. 709 more words

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Burning Zendikar: The fall of house Emeria - 0103

Kerrash’s archivist contact discovered the staff used in the explosion was a device fashioned by Urza. One in a set of three. 

Capt. Garreth began rounding up members of house Undu and a battle ensues as House Undu members and the Lady Undu fight a retreat to their docked ship. 548 more words


Game #203: Geist of St. Traft

Game #203:  Geist of St. Traft
Date: 2016-10-18
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland OR
Vs. Omnath, Locus of Mana; Prossh, Skyraider of Kher
Result:  Mostly Fun Win… 312 more words

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Game #202: Olivia, Mobilized for War

Game #202:  Olivia, Mobilized for War
Date: 2016-10-11
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland OR
Vs. Kira, Great Glass Spinner; Mazirek
Result: Neutral Loss


The first game in week two of the “Super October Frightfest of Cereal Box Monsters.” 298 more words

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