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ConMan - Not what I was expecting...

And in a good way. Usually with the word ConMan , I assume a type of trickster. But no, they are referring to someone who goes to Cons! 266 more words


Paeroka's Ponderings: Gear and level-advantages in PvP

Some time ago, I read a topic in the German section of the Black Desert Online forum where a player suggested that the game’s PvP may be better if there were no level-advantages as a higher level gives better stats, for example. 803 more words

Guild Wars 2

Stomach Check: A Spree of Graphic Violence

I purchased a Humble Bundle deal in July, which included a whole package of games on Steam, primarily to play Borderlands: The Pre-sequel. With some time freed up not catching Pokemon, I decided to play a couple games included in the package. 668 more words


Guild Wars Screenshots

This game is absolutely visually stunning. I’ve been taking a bit of time out in the last few days before Legion goes live to get back into playing Guild Wars 2. 23 more words

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Board Game Ideas

I had a few ideas for potential board games. Let me know what you think. 528 more words


Cities Skylines: Natural Disasters (Blaugust Post 16)

A few days ago, I had seen that Cities Skylines will get another expansion and that they planned to announce it at gamescom. On Wednesday evening while chatting with bookahnerk, I said to him: “I am interested, but nothing more. 249 more words

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Action RPGs and me (Blaugust Post 12)

I finally finished playing Torchlight 2 not too long ago. In general, I really liked the game. The pets are cute, but useful, although mostly to send them off sell your found items and bring back more health potions. 605 more words

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