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Adding Fate Aspects to Any Game

Fate is an RPG that is centered around a particular mechanic it calls “aspects”.  It is designed as a game that encourages a Director stance (excuse my use of GNS terminology please) and is focused on simulating a narrative.   2,539 more words


Another Game- Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning

Did I ever mention how much I LOVE this game? The handling system is pretty nice. I just have to refresh my mind once in a while to use it, but now I am good and it is so handy. 427 more words


Finally: Mario Party 10 Review!

I said I would do this ages ago, sorry guys. But let me tell you now what I think! ;P

Let me say this: There are good and bad things about this game. 399 more words


Behind the Times: The Beginning

Sorry it has been a while. Tis life, right? Anyway, while I do have stuff to talk about in regards to Mario Party (bad and good), but my mind is on other things. 313 more words


Mario Party 10!

I LOVE the Mario Party series. Although I have to admit I missed out on Mario Party 9. But we got a Wii U because there are games I want to play and Wii U is backwards compatible! 181 more words


Preview of Coming Attractions

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A new way to get Tears of a Machine; I’m writing for someone else’s book; and the next game for Robot Claw is play testing at Dexcon 18.  422 more words


Heros of the Storm and a free mount for your toons

I’ve been playing Heros of the Storm on and off since it first went onto beta. It’s the first Moba style game I’ve played.. in case you’re wondering (I was), a moba is… 789 more words