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RPG Adventures - Weeks 1-3: Introducing the Band of the Golden Sun

Earlier this fall my weekly gaming group kicked off what’s estimated be a two-year-long Pathfinder Adventure campaign, The Mummy’s Mask. Since things have gotten a bit quiet here at MMOGC lately, I figured this blog could use some sprucing up with updates of our RPG exploits (especially ever since I took on record keeping duties for the group) so I hope you’ll enjoy reading about our shenanigans.   1,972 more words

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Countdown To Halloween: Table Top Bonanza's Gruesome Games To Play On Halloween

It is coming close to Halloween, the time when costumes, candy and scares are a plenty. But what does one do when the urge to dress up fades? 1,789 more words

Countdown To Halloween

New Dungeons & Dragons Movie Can Roll for Initiative

A wave of cautious optimism, or perhaps cautious pessimism, swept through fantasy fandom yesterday as it was announced that several companies resolved some sort of dispute and now a new movie based on Dungeons & Dragons is in the works. 1,048 more words

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Tabletop Gaming: Art, Imagination and Community

In 1974 Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson created a game that would combine developed wargaming and character based role-play, and a community was born 708 more words

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Kojima was NOT fired

This is why it was a rumor! Kojima was NOT fired!

Donna Burke went on Facebook to apologize to Konami, Kojima and the fans for feeding the misunderstanding info… 61 more words


Developer Appreciation Week 2015 : Giving Thanks

The exceptional Rowan over at his corner of the web, (For the World is Hollow and) I Have Touched The Sky, has declared the week from March 28th till April 4th Developer Appreciation Week! 597 more words

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Kid spends $4,500 on FIFA 15

Nope, you didn’t read that wrong. A kid spent $4,500 on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team using his father’s credit card.
His father, Jeremy Hillman wrote on his… 266 more words