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A Shift of Focus

Well, this sucks.

I’m behind on word count already:  too many things have been getting in the way and distracting me.  It’s my own fault:  I took on too many projects, didn’t get them completed, and began feeling really overwhelmed, which has led to feeling like I’ll never get out of this hole I’ve dug myself into, especially with getting more hours at work, so what’s the point of even trying? 396 more words


Creativity Abounds!

I know I said I wasn’t going to, but I signed up for another pocket letter exchange.  This should be an easy one, though – the theme is the color purple.  503 more words



Or maybe just “organizing” since “re-organizing” implies that there was some semblance of order at some time in the past.

Despite having it sitting where it can stare at me whenever I’m on the computer my list of things to do does not seem to be shrinking in the least.  300 more words


Blame It On The Weather

Well, I didn’t do it.

I didn’t make my word count goal for September.  I tried, and I was doing really well at catching up, but then… 433 more words


Pocket Letters

Don’t know what they are?  That’s okay, neither did I a few days ago.

You start with a nine pocket page protector, like they use for trading cards.  157 more words


Finding the right Bicycle

After several weeks of looking (and extreme badgering from my parents’ point of view) I found a bicycle and bought it. It is a Trek 7.2 FX. 366 more words

Other Hobbies

The Best Cookies Ever, Brought to You by Knitting

I made perfect cookies yesterday. I first made these cookies in Fall 2013 and I loved them, as did everyone who tasted them. Since I’ve now been able to replicate my amazing success, I’m declaring them my favorite cookies. 859 more words