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Progress and Plans

It was strange being home this weekend.

Normally I work on weekends and am scrambling to keep up with Rainbow Snippets before I go to work on Saturday, then scrambling to catch up with it and Sunday Snippets when I get home Saturday night – and again Sunday morning and afternoon before work (I work the 3 – 11 shift), and Sunday night after work, and Monday before work…  But I was able to stay caught up on both all weekend, and it just feels… weird. 356 more words


The Need-To Read (392)

Much reading underway-

For those who do not participate in Super Bowl Sunday.



February Goals

First, a recap of January.

I did manage to get the changes made to Book One of The Academy of the Accord. Barely, but it’s done and is safely in the hands of (well, in the email of) a fearless (or maybe fearful) beta reader. 325 more words


Day 4: Mindlessness

Happy Monday!  My first 50-or-under  word story:

It was pure mindlessness. She focused on lines, shapes, colors until the world bled away like her marker bled through her paper. 51 more words

Original Posts

Of Other Hobbies

I noticed something recently. Many of my fountain pen collector friends, and other members of the fountain pen community that I am a member of, are also knife collectors or at least insist on carrying a knife on them everyday. 207 more words

Fountain Pen

In Search Of A Plan…


The countdown has begun.  There are only ten days left in the year, and you know what that means; it’s time to start thinking about the annual ritual of making resolutions that you know you won’t keep but make anyhow in a burst of eternal optimism. 296 more words


Magical Unrealism

I have a problem and I really have no idea how to solve it.

I have a tendency to overestimate myself as far as what I can accomplish in any given day/week/month/year/lifetime. 810 more words