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Other Lives 3

Sparrows Under The Table. 

It was a rainy-shiny June day. There was a rainbow in the sky. These birds were protecting themselves from the rain under the table. 129 more words

It Never Happened Again


I lived another life in a dream,

Each night returning to a lost world,
Each morning waking in a panic, 103 more words


Magical, Revelations Get Expressed-Sep27

Snapshot: Around noon on Tuesday we can expect to have some revelations pouring through and we may speak them out before we even realize it. Or they could come to us from someone else. 517 more words


Does Past-Life Regression Work..? Re-blog

As you have read before – https://mandyevebarnett.com/2016/07/13/regression-past-lives-visited/ – I underwent a regression session many years ago. I would like to experience this again in the future as my curiosity wants to know, who I was in the other four lives that I did not explore. 174 more words


Talking with my daughter

Today while folding laundry we were talking then up came the topic of alternate universes and what the other us (if they existed) were doing. It made me wonder about so much including dreams.  101 more words