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What do you think about when you think about Frankenstein?

Do you think of a dark and stormy night, with a half-mad scientist hunched over his grisly creation? 918 more words


The Logical Song - Aid Worker Version

Today we feel privileged to bring you our version of Roger Hodgson/Super Tramp’s Logical Song (once covered by Scooter).

A song which we always felt, with a little tweaking, could accurately parody the world of Humanitarianism. 264 more words

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More Uses of the Phrase "Postcards from Wonderland" (#4)

Postcards from Wonderland.  The title of a blog, and a website, and a Pinterest board and Instagram site and Facebook page and email address.  Three words to inform about wondrous things.  357 more words

Postcards From Wonderland

Blood Diamond - An Alternative Plot

If, like us, you think that Blood Diamond (2006) is so bad that it is good then you are going to love our upcoming feature “Which Blood Diamond quote best suits you?” 186 more words

Fiction & Poetry

Wasted potential? Admiralty System reviewed.

Season 11 in Star Trek Online gave us an “Admiralty” system. It’s an equivalent of duty-officer system, except, the players get to use their ships for the ‘assignments’. 1,549 more words

Star Trek Online

Lootcritter reblogged this on Conversations with the Lootcritter and commented:

Jan touched on a number of issues I agree with, but my assessment of the system rates it a little higher - perhaps 7/10. The problem I have is finding the right context in which to give my opinion. I'm a ship collector with multiple alts - as such my average toon has 40+ ships each. My KDF and ROM alts suffer from the lack of science ships - I even went back and purchased the Dyson ships to help pad this out. Looking back on that purchase I realize that most players make do with far less in terms of ships. Even with the purchase (15K Zen), I struggle to assemble missions at the rate my fed alts enjoy. There's no easy way around it - Feds have the advantage. Science discrepancy aside, I'm loving the rewards. The number of specialization points I've generated form a simple 5 minutes a day effort has been a real boon to my alts. Leveling from 50-60 just got a lot easier. I can forsee a day when we can buy packs of ships to help out the admiralty system. There will certainly be rewards in the game where we will get these cards. I could even see a day when we could 'trade cards' with other factions - call on a Klingon friend for some assistance, or vice versa. Great Post!

Top Three Thursday 11/12/15: Christian music for non-Christians

As I mentioned in an earlier Top Three Thursday, even though I usually keep things secular on this blog, I am a follower of Christ who frequently listens to… 565 more words

Top Three Thursday