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Longbox Graveyard #170

I wrote before that I finally kicked the Marvel Puzzle Quest habit — and I did, I swear! But part of that effort involved parking myself on another game these past several months. 2,074 more words

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What's REALLY Real?

The one thing that I love about being black is the culture of language, and how we express ourselves. It’s not that other cultures don’t have their ways either, because globally we’re built on these phrases and words that connects people at so many levels. 617 more words

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Just "Face" It.

I was asked by a friend:

Why do guys like to cum (ejaculate) on womens faces?

Well to my lovely dismay it was an interesting question, because I’ve never done it and I never had the urge to do it. 341 more words


I've Been Lying

I’ve been lying. I thought that I could keep this blog about all these nerdy things going, just to be like all the various other nerd blogs. 319 more words


A Perfect Match

A birthday present for one of my old friends. She requested two of our characters. Hers is on the left, mine is on the right. Made with graphite, ink and digital colouring.