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BBC explains cuts in Yanukovych interview on Crimea as not 'newsworthy'

A spokesperson from the BBC explained to Sputnik why certain portions of its Yanukovych interview, such as dealing with his personal zoo were aired while those dealing with political issues such as Crimea were not.

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Media lie that crime is on increase to promote more police powers

by Josmar Trujillo

The New York Post, the notorious right-wing tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch, inspired a media stampede of stories highlighting increases in New York City’s crime statistics. 1,342 more words


Western media bias against Venezuela is shameless

by Joe Emersberger at TeleSUR

Two years ago, a news article about Venezuela in the Christian Science Monitor reported that “Globovisión, widely considered to be the last standing television station to aggressively criticize the Chávez regime, was sold to a group of businessmen believed to be friendly with the government.” It is only one sentence in one news article, but in a few ways it reveals that the western media has spent well over a decade parroting anything said by the Venezuelan opposition which is funded and staunchly backed by the US government. 1,095 more words


Reality Based Communities defy the Empire's "created reality"

Guest article by CJCLeach

There’s going to be a protest march in London today. You might not hear about it on the news, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. 1,072 more words

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Onefootball Magazine feature: Can Serie A handle Juventus' return to Europe's elite?

Got featured on Onefootball Magazine recently. Have a look!

It was the 55th minute of the UEFA Champions League final in Berlin. One of Turin’s favourite sons, Claudio Marchisio, took control of the ball and in a sublime moment of genius flicked it down the right with his boot, sending Stephan Lichtsteiner free. 213 more words

FC Barcelona

Edward Snowden, the Sunday Times and the death of journalism

from MediaLens

In the wake of the greatest crime of the twenty-first century, the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, you might have thought that the days of passing off unattributed government and intelligence pronouncements as ‘journalism’ would be over. 2,832 more words

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The Sunday Times' Snowden story is journalism at its worst

by Glen Greenwald

(updated below)

Western journalists claim that the big lesson they learned from their key role in selling the Iraq War to the public is that it’s hideous, corrupt and often dangerous journalism to give anonymity to government officials to let them propagandize the public, then uncritically accept those anonymously voiced claims as Truth. 2,836 more words