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Timberwolf's​ Interview With Borticus - Torpedos, Plasma Consoles & other special Snowflakes

Timberwolf pulled off a major coup with tough questions and insights from Star Trek Online’s own Borticus on a number of topics including the new Temporal abilities, why torpedos work they way they do and what’s being looked at, and a wide-ranging discussion on consoles and other abilities. 22 more words


What You Can Say to a Bereaved Parent

I came across this article today, and it is a succinct and honest look at what you can say to someone who has lost a son or daughter. 188 more words

Jake Colman

TTC Jayce's Navy Interstellar: Ambassador-Class Support Cruiser

Update 1: Additional images added from the production below.

Update 2: Thomas’s Original Odyssey post can be found here.

From SirBoulevard:

Today’s piece is a special treat: … 149 more words


A Story of Supply and Demand

There is no doubt that breastfeeding is the best nourishment for your baby. My own son, now a healthy and happy boy, was born at twenty-six weeks and two days. 465 more words


"The Vampire Goes West!" (1954)

I stumbled upon this story on the internet. It is a 6-page story within a 36-page magazine (Tales of Horror, issue 13 (October 1954); by Toby Press/Minoan Magazine). 418 more words