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Daniel Chapter 9

I was reading the ninth chapter of the book of Daniel today and a few things struck me.  Firstly, it is rooted firmly in history and speaks of historical persons and rulers. 767 more words

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Felix, Gladys and Rover

We are asked to comment on the formal structure of Elliott Erwitt’s image ‘Felix, Gladys and Rover. New York, USA. 1974’, and whether the structure contributes to the meaning of the image. 689 more words

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A Philistine's progress - on re-reading Terry Barrett

I am currently reading Terry Barrett’s ‘Criticizing Photographs‘ as a prelude to making a serious start on Part Four (Reading Photographs). I will blog a review when I finish it, but I am already finding scope for a bit of personal reflection. 275 more words

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Null photographs

This is a brief posting in response to a question posed in the introduction to part four (C&N, p92). The thesis is that photography is much like a language, although expressed in imagery rather than words. 230 more words

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The patience of Jesus Christ

After outlining his previous way of life as a “blasphemer,”  “Injurious” and “a persecutor” the Apostle Paul, reveals, for our encouragement, the wonderful mercy and grace of God. 151 more words

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The Faith of Jesus Christ

I often hear when I listening to preaching the phrase “The Righteousness of Christ is reckoned to believers.” By which is meant, if I understand the teaching aright, that Jesus vicariously kept the law for us. 868 more words

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Not Consumed

As I walk through the wilderness of this world, accompanied as I am by my sinful nature. Beset around with fears and distress of mind and heart. 306 more words

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