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Untitled Rambling: 71177

Miles of pavement

Scarred Mountains

Caverns to cross

Invisible ties

That remind us

We’re never lost

Close your eyes

Reach out your hand

Our hearts are together… 13 more words

Other People's Words

Meanwhile, back in 1809 astronomy...

While researching my new play about Maria Mitchell, stumbled upon this little treasure.


And this was on p. 37

Sound familiar? It should.

How to draw an ellipse and calculate its eccentricity.

I. Love. Astronomy!


There is a heaven...

Check out @mwichary’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/mwichary/status/791709895083102209?s=09

And if I could travel, this is how I would get there to see it for myself…


And then I would travel to this place… 85 more words


As I was saying... Make Time. Read This.

Just don’t post a PDF of it like I accidentally did the other day. (Sorry, Aidan)

This story contains my new favourite sentence OF ALL TIME. 60 more words


Write, anyway...

Some of my favourite words are by authors unknown…

Write anyway.


This. Now. Always.

The most powerful moment of the speech came when Obama spoke about how Trump’s comments resonated with her personally, and with so many other women: 277 more words


An Opinion

A friend of mine wrote this.

I tell you this, dear reader, not to distance myself from its message, but ensure you that as much as I would love to take the credit for it, I did not write it myself. 1,041 more words