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My month in books & bakes - February

What’s happened in February?

Well, not entirely book related but February 6th was National Libraries Day and I was all geared up for going to an event at a library near me but..it wasn’t meant to be. 153 more words

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Living with OCD and Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling)

I am an OCD sufferer. I was diagnosed many years ago when I was 17 and since then, I’ve been on and off medication. The OCD itself is a living, walking nightmare. 873 more words

Mental Health

Durre reblogged this on Herstory and commented:

So if you didn't know, I'm hugely interested in mental health, preaching about it, making people's stories heard, writing about it, reading about it, researching about it, in order to raise awareness and fight off the stigma around it and whatnot. It's a topic I've grown up surrounded by, so naturally, I've tried to understand it throughout my life. So on behalf of someone close to me who wishes to remain anonymous, I submitted a piece to a blog that aims to provide a platform for people dealing with mental health. The piece is mostly this person's own story and words that was told to me. I just made a lot of tweaks to it, being the grammar/English nerd that I am. I'm not sharing this in order to take any credit or sit on a high pedestal, but the person simply requested that they be told about the views and responses people had to this and I guess I'm trying to use social media platforms to do that, because people's stories are important. It is nice to know you don't suffer alone and that you don't have to exclude yourself from society incase people don't understand. Last year, when I was writing my MA dissertation (which dealt with the theme of mental health) I briefly wrote blog posts about the therapeutic effects of writing and reading on the mind. The term 'bibliotherapy' and how it has actually been practised in different ways and forms through centuries. Books and writing help us understand ourselves and the world more, and I would encourage everyone to keep a personal diary. Self reflection is pretty crucial, in my opinion. So to get back to the main point.. I would appreciate it if you could take 2 minutes and read this below and share or leave a comment below if you wish. I would also hugely encourage people to submit to Mind Tank, or read it if you want to get a better understanding through people's first hand experiences about mental health.

Arduino x Smart Light Tutorial


A simple, internet controlled, color changing, smart light.


There is no easily available documentation for this project. So I created one myself.

Other tutorials also require the lights to change URL between states.  338 more words

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How I Read Book Tag

I’d seen this book tag on Emily’s blog A Keyboard and an Open Mind and Claire’s at Art and Soul so decided to tag myself. 387 more words

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Books & Budgets

How do you fund your book habit? Because come on people, for most book bloggers, that’s what it is…a habit. We’ll never ever read all the books we own but we still want more. 318 more words

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After the Lie by Kerry Fisher

I am beyond delighted to be taking part in my first Bookouture cover reveal for Kerry Fisher’s new novel After the Lie. This is all very exciting…so without further ado; here we go: 503 more words

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