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What did i know at 18?

The simple answer to that is nothing. At 18 i didn’t know anything, how could I, I’d barely lived… when you consider how long humans live considering they have a healthy life… its a pretty long time so how can i a baby of just 18 with no experience in life except school, my retail job and living at home with my mum, be expected to suddenly know what to do with the rest of my life? 704 more words

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You're Not Weak For Walking Away

It is really hard to have people that you care about no longer be a part of your life. Unfortunately, we live in a world with perfectly imperfect people. 370 more words

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My 5 Language Learning Activities.

Bonjour! ¡Hola! Guten Tag! Buongiorno/Ciao!

Whilst missing out British Sign Language, they’re all the ways I know how to say Hello! 1,225 more words

Call The Midwife Christmas Special

When all presents are opened, dinner has been served, and you’ve exhausted all the Christmas games, you want nothing more than to sit in front of the tv and watch one of the many specials broadcast at this time of year. 1,034 more words

Cults masquerading as Structural Organizations within the community (A real problem the newly awakened face.)

~Originally posted on Facebook in October 2016~

When you look at the Organizations within the Vampire, Therian, Otherkin, & even Pagan communities what do you see? 1,662 more words

2017 - a reflection

Happy New Year to all my readers, bloggers and friends alike!

Well I finally got around to my end of year wrap up post declaring all achievements, not just with blogging but with life in general. 382 more words

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New Year's Resolutions


The 1st January is now upon us and a new year is beginning. 506 more words