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Eddie finished up his business and closed out of the browser. He was still panting. A bead of sweat ran down his forehead. His mouse hovered over the “shut down” button. 1,085 more words

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Auschwitz, Animosity & Present Tense

Samia Tamrin Ahmed

The sunny day and beautiful open blue skies were out of place at the location we were strolling in. We were at the infamous concentration camp in the Polish town of Oswiecim. 704 more words


Salad Bar

The salad bar stands apart from the shelves of veggies in the produce section. An approach from any direction would leave one exposed, out in the open. 902 more words

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The Minimalist

Being a minimalist means looking at every single item in your life and asking yourself honestly if it brings you value. If the answer is no, then you have to be willing to cut ties with it. 1,305 more words

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This is My Genre Tell Me Yours Tag

The Rules:
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Come On Down To Matthew's

The hottest new restaurant in Manhattan is called Matthew’s. It’s this really cool concept eatery where you eat scalding hot soup off of a plate with a knife. 871 more words

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The Heist

The day is January 20, 2017. Donald Trump has just been inaugurated 45th president of the United States. He leaves the capitol with his wife Melania and heads back to the White House. 2,449 more words

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