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Oboz and Interviews

My goodness it’s been a while since I’ve had a post on here! I’m sorry about that! I was out of town for a week and the couch ridden with the flu! 211 more words


Taking Stock

This is the end of my second cycle. I currently hold offers from Ohio State and Brown. I have received a rejection from UCBerkeley, and presume rejections from Harvard and UChicago. 985 more words

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The End is Nigh

I don’t even know if I’ve said that right but what I mean is I have made the difficult decision to give away blogging. ┬áThis may be a phase such as the… 102 more words

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The Pizza Planet Truck Hides in Most Pixar Films

This is one of my favorite Pixar easter eggs. Back when I originally saw Monsters Inc was when I first noticed the Toyota “YO” pizza delivery truck was a recurring theme. 47 more words

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Luna Moth Tails Fool Bats' Sonar

The tails are more attractive to bats using only sonar than other body parts.

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Study of Dragonflies May Indicate Environment Plays Role in Obesity

I didn’t know dragonflies could get fat. Turns out, when they do, it doesn’t show visually because their external skeleton can’t expand.

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Transformer Laserbeak was Best Spy Ever

Hahahaha! This is hilarious, if you can get past the rampant grammar mistakes.

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