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Those Eyes

Why do you instill fear
in my noble spirit
with your penetrative stare?

The glare, those piercing eyes of yours,
seem to read
the secrets of my soul. 81 more words


Book Review and welp, I need to write/blog more.

I’ve been so quiet on here because (a) I started a new job (b) A crap load of exciting life things happened like graduating (c) I reached out to Wales Arts Review about working with them and writing book reviews and they let me! 148 more words

Books I'm Reading

Unexpected Day Off

Hello again! Now, I have some explaining to do: I haven’t had internet since Sunday morning and, as a result, have not been able to post any of the posts I’ve written. 1,166 more words

Daily Dairy


I promise I will get round to blogging about life at some point in the near future (probably Saturday!). These last couple of weeks have been super-duper busy and time has just escaped me. 23 more words

Daily Dairy

Liebster Award

I would like to thank The Other Critic for nominating me for the Liebster Award. Those of you who haven’t checked out his wonderful blog are advised to do so. 329 more words

Other Ramblings

Tribute to my Fairy

Wherever my super awesome fairy godmother shall fly,
I will gladly follow ….

the blue wisp of the Mediterranean air,
wondrous trail of the fireflies, 62 more words


Shutting down the Sharingtohelp Twitter account

There is nothing dramatic about this decision. It’s purely a practical decision without any emotion attached to it at all (honestly, it is!). This is quite a boring blog post but I wanted to explain my decision and it would have taken about 10 tweets to do it, so better in one post I think. 272 more words

Other Ramblings