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Grand Ideas

I think I had this big idea that if I left the safety net of home I would flourish. That every demon in my past would disappear. 218 more words


My earliest memory of books

I made a list quite some time ago of blogging topics I would, at some point, get around to blogging about, you can see that list… 180 more words

Other Ramblings

Coming Home

Phew! Life has been a whirlwind! But that’s what makes it beautiful.

To keep it short, in January of last year I packed up all of my belongings in my car and left my home in North Carolina to find a new home in Portland. 197 more words


Board Game

In the Oval Office of the White House, a game is being played. The participants are Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel and Xi Jinping. They all sit on pillows in front of the Resolute Desk. 1,393 more words

Other Ramblings


Reese was placed on a big ugly desk by the supple hands of a woman. He knew he was in grave danger. For days Reese had been living in a dark cabinet with dozens of other Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. 1,088 more words

Other Ramblings


Eddie finished up his business and closed out of the browser. He was still panting. A bead of sweat ran down his forehead. His mouse hovered over the “shut down” button. 1,085 more words

Other Ramblings

Auschwitz, Animosity & Present Tense

Samia Tamrin Ahmed

The sunny day and beautiful open blue skies were out of place at the location we were strolling in. We were at the infamous concentration camp in the Polish town of Oswiecim. 704 more words