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She Taunts Her In The Day, She Smothers Her In The Night

Standing in front of the mirror,
The reflection does not change.
It’s all the same face.
She only lingers throughout the day,
Waiting for the night to reflect all desire. 88 more words


The Other Side Of The Mirror

You have all heard the story of Snow White, haven’t you,

But what you heard isn’t completely true,

You all blame the wicked witch,

But it was Snow who got herself in a stitch. 525 more words



There are letters to be sent to known and unknown;

The unknown is other self and inside moan.

The known is a stranger, you’ve never won; 85 more words


Can you hear the whisper?

Can you hear the whisper
of your other self?

The one that rests
in your shadow
while the world tells its lies.

The one that hides… 31 more words

Random Thoughts

Reloaded: OMFG!

Dear Har-old,

*pacing back and forth, head down, hand on top of head saying “think, Har-old, think! Think, dammit!*

*bumps into someone*

*Har-old slowly looks at figure from shoes to face then goes unconscious* 753 more words


The Journey Begins...

Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are. 147 more words

Hold up the mirror. Sell people their ideal self. Appeal to their better selves. Not who they was in the past. Or, who they are now. 53 more words