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@ParallaxArtFair #ChelseaTownHall #Buildings #London

Last day today. I arrived in time to do a very quick sketch of the great space we are in at Chelsea Town Hall. See you later!

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Stationery Haul - Seoul

I am spending a very busy two-week vacation back home – but of course some stationery tours are in order. The best part about being back is that I’ve had the chance to meet up with old pen friends and meet new friends I made online. 252 more words

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#ThankYou #Welcome #Art Fair @ParallaxArtFair

Well here is my little corner at Parallax Art Fair in The Old Town Hall, Chelsea. I was flattered that so many friends made it to the PV last night. 28 more words

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Ring a Ring a roses- a story about death??

Ring a ring a roses,

A pocket full of posies,

Atishoo Atishoo!

We all fall down,

We all probably know this rhyme. Often dancing with little children and toddlers in circles before at the end falling onto the floor. 164 more words

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Turing Jakarta - Padang: (Part 4/Terakhir) Muara Bulian - Padang.. After a Long Long Journey, Finally!!

Jum’at, 5 Februari 2016

Setelah hari-hari sebelumnya berangkat jam 10.30, jam 7.40, dan jam 8.40, pagi itu gue bersiap-siap lebih awal. Hal ini karena jarak yang harus gue tempuh lebih jauh dibanding sebelumnya dan gue gak mau menginap lagi. 864 more words

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Turing Jakarta - Padang: (Part 3) Palembang - Muara Bulian (Jambi),, Fiuuuh Penuh Kejutan

Kamis, 4 Februari 2016..

Hari ketiga dari perjalanan panjang Jakarta – Padang dimulai. Awalnya gue merencanakan berangkat jam 7 dari Palembang supaya bisa menginap di Muara Tebo agar perjalanan hari terakhir tidak terlalu jauh. 985 more words

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