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Our Mammoth Future

Our Mammoth Future

MacPherson predicts our future and he probably isn’t too far off the mark either in this  interesting and entertaining article he wrote …  7 more words

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Sexy Sheryl is sexy-ish

Mmmmm BBW fantasies. 


Just in case you’re curious. I was, and now I’m dead inside. 

The Usual

One year old

(22/04, 2:15 AM)

So today is this blog’s birthday.

In an interesting turn of symmetry, I’m currently sitting up in bed at 2 AM, staring out over the sea of orange twinkle, as I always do; exactly a year earlier, I was sitting up in bed at 2 AM, staring out my window, and trying to decide if From the 27th Floor was too corny a name. 229 more words

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The problem with noise

I’ve been thinking a lot about noise lately. Noise has the ability to calm by way of relaxing music or a soothing voice; it can startle eg a loud unexpected bang; it can irritate like a barking dog or dripping tap. 489 more words

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I went to a women’s 1-day conference at the church that houses my Bible Study International group yesterday. The keynote speaker, Bonnie Gray, did an excellent job of setting up an interactive seminar on getting in touch with your inner child. 100 more words

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Excuse me...so adult gamers don't play handhelds?

A couple of days ago we learned that Level-5, a company that I always had high esteem for because of their quality in games, had some surprising moves up their sleeve. 437 more words

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