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Off to the Dollhouse Extravaganza today

The Brisbane dollhouse miniature show is on today. I got some money out of the bank last night so I hope I come home with a stash of miniature shopping. 7 more words


some => other => most

some-times you have a thousand things to say, but not a single way of saying it;
other-times you have a million chances of saying something, but not a single word to say; 93 more words


First post~

Lame! Hahaha. I had a lot of thoughts to be written, but i confused which one should i write first. Because honestly i thought it would be weird if i start my blog randomly. 28 more words

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“Ippitsu-sen (一筆箋)” refers to a Japanese type of letter-writing pad of a specific size, of around 18 cm by 8 cm, often with guidelines to facilitate vertical or horizontal writing. 424 more words

East And West (and South)

The Pharting Phase

I once set up an entire date, while I was on the toilet. Spoiler Alert: That date went to the shitter. Before you judge me about this, let’s consider the fact that we will each spend an average of 6,718 and ½ hours pooping over the course of our lifetime. 505 more words

Dating Fails

A Balloon goes Bye - ImSozoed

A short glimpse into a hot air balloon’s journey.

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Sorry, I've been on Vacation :)

I know I haven’t posted for a while, I’ve been on my annual ski vacation so not much has happened with the dollhouse. However I have been working on a few things so there will be some more posts very soon. :D

Other Things