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white folks, i gotta few questions for you...

A lot of white folks seem to be real bummed out about this #blacklivesmatter movement. Y’all keep denying that racism is a problem or that you’re not a part of the problem and that maybe black people need to just chill the fuck out. 221 more words

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Quick glimpse into a gas station healing, sozoed Encounters

In this sozoed Encounter, Heaven meets more then just this distressed family’s immediate needs . . . God does much much more! Here’s a quick glimpse into something amazing unfolding :)

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i'm covered in sperm and i've never been better (hi mom!)

Remember that scene on Saved by the Bell when Jessie Spano is tweaking the fuck out because adderall (I think) and she sings the song  335 more words

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bad things happen when you're racist (and other reasons i shouldn't smoke weed)

I should not do drugs. I should not do drugs. I know this about myself and I literally still do drugs sometimes because it’s fun! It’ll be different this time! 524 more words

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listen here white folks, ima say it one more time

I used to work at this restaurant (it doesn’t matter which one because I’ve worked in all of them) and I had a coworker, let’s call her, Heather. 367 more words

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Duolingo is great fun.

Click here to try it!

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