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It's easy for you to talk about war, but it’s difficult for the man who lives next to the border

‘WAR’ such a small word but whomsoever it touches can lead to unimaginable destruction. Everyone around me is talking about that India should have war with Pakistan. 698 more words

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Communicating in Times of Change

So, you are a leader and you think that an email announcing change is adequate as a ground-breaking step from you.

Once the announcement has been made, the bugles have been played, you assume that people will neatly fit into their existing roles and execute what is expected from them. 216 more words

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The Sign of the Cross

Think about one of the most common acts you perform every day as a Christian, the Sign of the Cross. Now ask yourself whether you truly understand the meaning of this sacramental act, or what it signifies to us Christians. 250 more words

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Screw It, You've Worked Hard...

After I finished up my two years of Game Design in Bray, I had planned to get a basic job and earn a bit of money while I figured out what I actually wanted to do for a career. 638 more words


Rock Carved Temples of India

Traveling six hours on the train took us from Mumbai, India to Araugabad specifically to visit the UNESCO World Heritage sites of the Ellora and Ajanta temple caves. 579 more words

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Beginning Eucharistic Adoration with Guests: Teresa Gooding and Marika Zimmerman

What can you do to fight the suffocating plague of indifference and immorality? Eucharist Adoration!! Guests Teresa Gooding and Marika Zimmerman share the details on how to get started. 378 more words

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Inspiration from Nature: Inspiration #4

A goal for our lives as leaders –Aim to be beautifully juxtaposed between adopting modern life and embracing nature. Strike a healthy balance.


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