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Are These 5 Dangerous Toxins in Your Deodorant?

5 Harmful Toxins Lurking in Your Deodorant

No matter what your grooming regimen is, there is one thing almost all of us do once, if not multiple times each day – we apply something crucial under our arms so we don’t stink and scare our friends/family/co-workers away. 414 more words

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Are Your Taste Buds Being Hijacked?

Are Your Taste Buds Being Hijacked? 3 Reasons Why You Should Watch Out for “Natural Flavors”

Of all the underhanded and insidious things food manufacturers do to increase profits and get consumers hooked on their food products, there is probably nothing so mind-bendingly dishonest anddangerous as the concept of “natural flavors.” 812 more words


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Do You Engage or Disengage? That is the Question.

Leaders are always looking for engagement from their subordinates, but sometimes forget that engagement needs important ingredients which can only come from the leader.

In my experience, leaders must be able to spot conversations that depress momentum and coach the individuals concerned about the behaviors and process of getting things going. 379 more words

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Beer mugs are cool, lets wear them this summer

Hot summer days are back, these are the days when you feel like wearing the most comfortable clothes on the face of this earth. Well! My all time favourite tees are those which have something interesting written or drawn on it. 305 more words


Guest post:Brilliant or Blunder Book Talk- My Conversation with Dr. Mary Lippitt

In this podcast, we talk to Dr. Mary Lippitt about her book Brilliant or Blunder: 6 Ways to Navigate Uncertainty, Opportunity and Complexity. Our conversation centers around leadership mindsets and how these mindsets can help OD professionals  become better leaders. 203 more words

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When Leaders Assume

When leaders get their data points from other people without discussing specifics with their subordinates, they set themselves up for failure in communication.

Other people are unaware of the details and add their thoughts and innuendos to the communication process. 259 more words

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