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One Focus When Climbing

I recently went to Owen’s River Gorge for a few days to climb, and was able to jump on this route. This is Dr. Evil 5.10a which consists of 120 feet or so of amazing climbing and movements, though I don’t make it seem that way on video. 308 more words


The human presence, benign to sanctified

In my last post I described the spectrum of waste to be seen around the landscape. Piles of garbage are easy to see and judge as litter. 364 more words

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Fear and other things

Hello my dear readers today I want to talk about a weird and powerful emotion also known as fear. Fear is a powerful and sometimes crippling emotion Fear can sometimes really get in the way and can also really ruin your day. 295 more words

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Mangrove and Its Benefits

Mangrove is a small tree that grows in coastal brackish water. Many people know that it serves as a home for fishes and other sea creatures. 105 more words

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The Istana

The Istana, which means “palace”, is one of the important landmarks in Singapore as it is the official residence of the President and the working office of the Prime Minister. 117 more words

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The litter spectrum, benign to unholy

The litter on the land falls along a spectrum. This disembodied deer hoof does not qualify as litter because, as far as I know, a human didn’t leave it on this abandoned, overgrown fire road. 419 more words

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Travel Diary Part 8

Hello Readers

I hope you enjoyed the poems I wrote and posted yesterday. Today I want to talk about bullying and acceptance.   Bullying is a serious problem in this country, and way too often we hear on the news that another person has taken his or her own life because of this problem. 434 more words

Travel Diary