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Lesson: Dont try to get attention in a dangerous way...

You can make your friends laugh or impress by doing something funny. But do you still smile or enjoy when you get hurt? 

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Super Lay-Up!

Every man loves to watch and play basketball. I bet, all of you have your favorite basketball player, and by watching them you want to do or try as well they’re techniques. 38 more words


She's dancing and find out what happened next!

Ever Since music evolved, we embraced them. We love singing, listening and dancing our favorite songs. Whether its love song, rock, jazz, we always find a way to relate those lyrics on our current situations. 46 more words


Emergency call!

How do you react, when you were sleeping and suddenly someone is in a hurry and wake you up, giving you a phone call? and you just said hello right away? 40 more words


You think this woman is pregnant? watch and think again!

when we see this woman, we thought she is pregnant because her of her big tummy. but what she did next will amaze you!


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