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NYC Deep Cuts

Another Matador piece, born from my desire to avoid people whenever possible. If you’re looking for some less-on-the-radar places to chill in NYC, check these out. 17 more words

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When Superheroes Need Cash

What happens when a costumed crimefighter doesn’t have enough bucks for a Batcave?

In a new satirical piece, published by the Odyssey on May 18, 2017, I answer that question. 21 more words

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How Do You Defeat Superman Without Even Touching Him?

In my latest article, published by Area of Effect magazine, I discuss a 1980’s comic book story where Superman’s friend arrive at his Fortress of Solitude … to discover someone’s defeated him. 24 more words

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How to Fit Spiritual Themes in Stories (Part 4)

(Part 4 of 4, based on a workshop on fitting faith-based themes or symbols in mainstream stories. Here’s Part 3 for those who missed it). 454 more words


Group painting session

Whilst prepping for our deadlines, Nicholas thought it would be a cool idea to have a bit of a fun project, and teach us about painting with inks, and how to add shading and shadows according to the light source in the piece. 217 more words

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