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You’re just about to begin writing, when you feel the urge for a quick email check. A few hours later, you’ve answered all your emails, read all the news on Twitter, watched three movie trailers, reorganised your desk and snacked (twice). 678 more words

Only 1900s kids will get this meme

The invention of the telegraph allowed humans to send information via Morse code in the mid 19th century. Suddenly messages could be sent across the oceans to far away counties almost instantly. 144 more words


Flyer Template: AdWorks Bahamas

Designed while interning at AdWorks this summer (2016).

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Xbox Fitness and the Digital Future

Xbox Fitness is not an isolated case, but unlike an aging service being taken offline—the DSiWare shop opened in mid-2009—Microsoft has an active, relatively new product. 79 more words

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How VR Roller Coasters Recreate a Lost Joy

“I adore tech, even if progress can be terrifying. The Wii’s motion controls were first to elicit a scare, requiring physicality beyond what was usually comfortable. 76 more words

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