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Of Serving Humanity

Imagine aliens wanted to wipe out all of humanity for some diabolical reason, which only they understood, saying its clearly marked on their planetary invasion schedule they ask you why they must save all of mankind. 702 more words

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Of Serving Humanity


  Imagine aliens wanted to wipe out all of humanity for some diabolical reason, which only they understood, saying its clearly marked on their planetary invasion schedule they ask you why they must save all of mankind. What do you say, what do you say? If they stood before me and asked me, plead my case for humanity, this is that I would say. “Why must you save humanity? I’ll tell you why you must. Save humanity because this tiny lil blue and green planet with carbon based lifeforms is a most idyllic rock hurtling around a sun, a yellow sun. It is paradise on the Milky Way and the next such place is millions of light years away. A nice quiet neighborhood, it’s the perfect planet for you guys to come and live, watch breath-taking sunsets and plot on ruling the cosmos in its vast entirety or whatever else it is you do for fun. But see the tricky bit they are such ingenious organisms, these humans, if you overtly attack them they will rally, they will roust. They make a formidable fighting machine that brings about regime change, collapses dynasties, ends tyranny even change destiny. Humans can accomplish the impossible, simply with the sheer resolution of the masses. It’s in their history books, current affairs on their news, even their social media, which is like a virtual world and some of the things they accomplish with trending hashtags is impressive, if you look past the absurd reasons why some things trend. Thus you, you will gain nothing but annihilation or victory over a pile of rubble, let me tell you, you do not want this. What you want is patience. The human race is a mortal race, their lifespan but a flicker, before your infinite ancientness, it grows even dimmer. If you but wait, mankind will do the dirty work for you, as they turn on each other, based on superficial prejudices derived from geographical location and imaginary boundaries, skin pigmentation, religious beliefs and even bank balances. You have a situation where a few Earthlings slowly accumulate all the resources the planet has to offer leaving nothing for rest, who will then either starve and die or violently take it back, many will die regardless. Billions of Earth’s currency is used in the research, development and manufacture of weapons, as everyone races to make a fortress of their interests. Apparently their governing structure believes to prepare for peace one must always be ready to war. Shoot first and question survivors later. And during all this no-one is noticing how electromagnetic radiation from the smart phones, computers, internet is slowly dulling their senses robbing them of their will and intelligence becoming no more than organic extensions of their devices and ultimately easy to switch off or disconnect. Yes, save humanity because pretty soon they will be all gone and the planet will keep hurtling along, its merry way, around the sun, it won’t miss them and you, you can claim an uninhabited land without a single casualty to your species. Save them, if even just for laughs, it should be amusing to watch the antiques of mankind struggling with the meaning of existence, life the universe and everything else. All they do from the moment they are birthed is waiting to die, filling up the time in between with materialistic goodies they do not need, using resources they do not possess, all in the hopes of impressing and inspiring envy in strangers they do not even care to know about. It’s a good thing your home planet has very high temperatures, very little vegetation, hardly ever has precipitation and you thrive in an environment high in atmospheric carbon content. Save humanity and watch them poison their planet day by day until it becomes inhospitable to them but  just like home for you and you can move right in and make yourself at home. Whose side am I on you wondering oh I am on man’s side and making a friendly wager that one day man will earn the right to be here and then they will be worthy opponent for you to duel with. I know above all else you love a worthy adversary. So you see its a win win situation and we get to live, for now.” ~B Inspired by a blog post by Cathleen. Photo credit: Solar Views

A Year (or Two) With Agatha Christie

I’ve just finished watching the first episode in a three part BBC adaptation of Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None” (it’s the one where all the victims are stuck on an island and have to spend a weekend in a mansion just waiting to meet their fate. 602 more words

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Warsan Shire

“later that night
i held an atlas in my lap
ran my fingers across the whole world
and whispered
where does it hurt?

it answered


5 things a student should work on before graduating from school to succeed

5 Things to work on before graduation.
It’s quite appaling that there is no difference again between illiterates that never went to school and all this half baked graduates that our schools are releasing into the Labour market yearly. 1,041 more words


A Death by Skin Cancer? The Bob Marley Story

Dr Cleland Gooding MD., F.A.A.D., a physician with a specialty in Skin Diseases employed by the Bahamas Government, has penned this intriguing article about Bob Marley’s failed treatment for skin cancer, which eventually progressed to the brain cancer responsible for his death at 36. 1,517 more words


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Dr Cleland Gooding MD., F.A.A.D., a physician with a specialty in Skin Diseases employed by the Bahamas Government, has penned this intriguing article about Bob Marley’s failed treatment for skin cancer, which eventually progressed to the brain cancer responsible for his death at 36. Here are excerpts, with a link to the original article below. Bob Marley the charismatic beloved Jamaican singer, who introduced Reggae infused with Rastafarian themes died from a cancerous brain Tumor on May 11, 1981 in Miami. Florida. He was only 36 years old. It’s been 30 years since his death; and there have many rumours and speculation about the cause of death. Did he really die from a brain tumor? Or other nefarious causes? Like the CIA? Poison in his boots etc? Bob Marley’s medical records were never made public. However from several sources I managed to piece together the story of his illness and death from Metastatic Skin cancer (Melanoma). This account I hope is fair, balanced and enlightening. Bob Marley remains the most widely known and revered performer of reggae music and is credited with spreading Jamaican and the Rastafarian movement worldwide. When was the first indication that something was amiss with Bob Marley’s health? According to sources this first happened in the summer of 1977. He injured his right great toe during a Soccer game on tour in Paris, France. The toe nail became partially detached and painful. He admitted to his manager that the toe had been injured before and a wound was “on and off” for years! If that was true, could a malignant melanoma (skin cancer) been growing there earlier? A wound or sore that refuses to heal is a classic sign of skin cancer. The hotel doctor was consulted and the right great toe nail was removed and the toe bandaged. No biopsy was done. The European tour continued and the Right great toe appeared to heal. However, later that summer he hurt the toe again playing soccer. It was painful and a new wound opened up and refused to heal. As Bob Marley went to London for a meeting, late that summer (1977), his manager advised him to see a doctor. According to reports the appearance of his toe shocked the Doctor. It was said to be “eating away”. A skin biopsy was done (removal of skin tissue for examination under the microscope). The shocking diagnosis of a malignant melanoma (Skin cancer) was given to Bob Marley. He was advised that treatment would be to amputate the toe, to stop the cancer from spreading. In Miami still in the summer 1977, the British diagnosis of malignant melanoma was confirmed to Bob Marley again. He was advised to get the toe amputated and possibly the right foot. Again he refused. Why didn’t Bob Marley have the amputation? He cited religious beliefs about “not cutting the flesh”. However he allowed the famous orthopedic surgeon Dr William Bacon to do a surgical excision to “cut away” cancerous tissue on the toe and do a skin graft at Cedar’s of Lebanon Hospital (now University of Miami Hospital). He remained in Hospital one week and spent about three months recuperating in Miami. The procedure was deemed “a success”. But sadly it was not. The cancer in it virulent form began to spread through his body (metastasized). This brings the question, why would Bob Marley get skin cancer on his toe? First we must remember that Bob was diagnosed with an Acral Melanoma. This type accounts for 70 per cent of melanoma in darkly pigmented individual or Asians. It typically occurs on non-sun exposed areas as the palm, the sole and mucosa and under the nails. It is characterised by a dark mole or spot that can turn cancerous. This can happen by repeated trauma to the area or for no reason at all. Studies have shown that darker skin people are more likely to present with advanced disease stage III -IV than whites who typically appear with stage I. This is exactly what happened in Mr. Marley’s case. He presented with a skin cancer stage 3-4 on his toe. He also was fair-skinned of a white father. Being fair-skinned is a risk factor for skin cancer. Melanoma can take years to spread. Most likely he had a pigmented dark mole under his right great toe nail, the continued playing of soccer traumatized the dark mole, which turned cancerous then into a sore. When his cancer was discovered (summer of 1977) the recommendation to amputate his toe would most certainly have saved his life. The surgical excision done and the skin graft (July 1977) was ineffective or simply too late. As the years went by, his health was deteriorating. He continued to be immersed in his music. In 1976 there was an attempt on his life in Jamaica, Mr. Marley narrowly escaped death, He, his wife and manager Don Taylor were shot. Among the Doctors attending, them was a prominent Bahamian doctor Dr. Philip Thompson who was attending U.W.I. at the time. In 1979, Bob Marley visited Nassau, The trip was opposed by some religious ministers. It does not appear that he followed up on his doctor’s visits. All appeared well until 1980. He released his last album “Uprising” and the band, the Wailers were planning an American tour with Stevie Wonder for the winter of 1980. However by the summer of 1980 the cancer was metastasizing through his body. According to sources, he did not feel well and saw a doctor who give him clearance to go on tour! The tour started in Boston followed by New York in September 1980. During the show in New York in Madison Square Gardens Bob looked sick and almost fainted. The very next morning September 21 while jogging through Central Park Bob Marley collapsed and was brought to a hospital. Tests showed a brain tumor, which most likely had spread from the primary cancer on his right great toe. The cancer was now spreading to his vital organs. How does a malignant melanoma spread? It is generally agreed that melanoma cells spread via the lymphatic, the blood stream or both. Then it can affect the liver, the lungs, the brain or the bones. A neurologist gave him one month to live. Rita Marley is said to have wanted the remaining tour cancelled, but Bob wanted to continue. He played his last show in Pittsburgh, but was too ill to continue and the tour was finally cancelled. That show proved to be his last. Convinced at last to seek medical treatment, Bob was admitted to Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan NY. This center is one of the world’s leading cancer treatment center. Tests then revealed the malignant melanoma cancer had spread to his lungs and liver. He received a few radiation treatments, but checked out when some New York papers let on that he was seriously ill. He went to Miami, then back to Sloan-Kettering, then Jamaica. Why the back and forth? Some said he hadn’t much faith in “Western Medicine”. He was advised to seek further help in Germany. Bob and his entourage then travelled to Germany to the Bavarian Clinic of Dr Josef Issels. He was a specialist in Holistics, or Toxic cancer treatment. Why leave a world renowned cancer treatment center like Sloan-Kettering to go to a holistic center? That is a mystery to me. While in Germany Bob Marley celebrated his 36th and final birthday. While at the center in Germany Bob Marley received such treatments as exercise, ozone injections, vitamins and trace elements. However, as the months went by, he realized that these treatments were not working and his cancer was terminal. TREATMENT What is the treatment for Advanced Malignant Melanoma ?