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John Hewitt Summer School 2017

Another week, another book festival. Another twelve hour stopover in my own house. Another frantic scramble to find enough clean socks to make it through ’til Friday. 745 more words


Writing Fiction in a Time of Genuine Crisis, by Patrick S. Tomlinson

A funny thing happened to me one year ago today. A random tweet throwing shade at the typical right-wing response to police brutality put me in touch with an editor for The Hill. 673 more words


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Some intelligent thoughts on the power of writing, telling stories and the capacity to fight back and resist being silenced.

Kulturkampf II: 'Kill All Normies'

An interesting review of a new book on the Alt-Right by a left-wing journalist, with the somewhat provocative title ‘Kill All Normies’:


One weird and striking thing that emerges in the review is the book author’s view that the Alt-Right’s “vision of the future […] would necessitate violence”. 56 more words

Current Events

How to relate and work with annoying people.

Some people can be so annoying that sometimes you will feel like giving them a default factory resetting slap!.But dont worry,this article will show you how to adapt to their annoying lifestyle in pther to relate properly with them. 575 more words


Writing under the influence of Wodehouse: A Blindefellows Chronicle by Auriel Roe

P.G. Wodehouse offers us so much as readers, but he’s an inspiration for writers too. I asked Auriel Roe, author of A Blindfellows Chronicle, about Wodehouse’s influence on her writing.

763 more words
Guest Writers

On this day: George Orwell, who wrote in Defence of P.G. Wodehouse, was born (1903)

George Orwell was born on this day 1903.

Best known as the author of dystopian classics 1984 and Animal Farm, Orwell also wrote a 1946 essay ‘ 1,145 more words

P.G. Wodehouse

How artificial intelligence imparts our lives

We are on the verge of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another unlike anything humankind has experienced before. 5,455 more words