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Evans, Putzova, Barotz and Ring, Epic Fail, Today @ 3PM

The alt-lefts epic fail finally plays out in a predictable legal blow in favor of the construction project known as the HUB.  Flagstaff politicians Eva Putzova, Coral Evans, Celia Barotz and Bill Ring played politics with Flagstaff’s future.   61 more words


Barley & Malt in Hamburg (Location)

Looking for a cool place in Hamburg that has great drams, tasty beers and yummy snacks on the menu? Then look no further than the… 336 more words


Ignite your spark!

Looking for a new hobby? Why don’t you try Magic: the Gathering?

It’s the world’s biggest and oldest trading card game! With hundreds of thousand of players around the world you will easily find somone to play with in it’s friendly and welcoming community! 6 more words



Looking for a fun way to spend the last weekend of April? Why don’t you go to Pyrkon?

Pyrkon is the biggest fantasy festival in Poland, with hundreds of writers, actors, game creators and cosplayers providing visitors with 3 solid days of entertainment. 26 more words


GoPro Expands VR Offerings with Fusion 

GoPro just announced their newest camera, Fusion, and it sounds pretty incredible!

Fusion has been designed to be the ultimate all-in-on camera that can not only capture fully immersive VR experiences, but even non-VR video and photos. 352 more words


Felling Any Foe with My Gaze*

OK. I can go back today. I guess. I’m not ready, but I never am…so what’s new. I managed to grade 6 of the 9 assignments I had…and to grade all of the stuff kids turned in late. 796 more words


Giving my first masterclass.

Earlier in the year I received a phone call out of the blue from David Tree at the University of Hertfordshire.

David: “Hi, we’ve been told to talk to you.

288 more words