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March 2 2015

Today I made a Business card for a Business called Frascht Photography I picked a Tan background with a fancy kind of text and different font sizes to make all the font sizes a look different size. 8 more words

Word Press

While Kat's Away, Ari Says Hi!

Hi! It’s me Ari, hopping on Kat’s computer while she’s gone. This is just the opportunity I’ve been waiting for! I’ve heard about Toby and Misty posting and I just knew I had a few things to say myself. 379 more words


The pros and cons of having blonde eyebrows

First of all, I apologize for the featured image, I know it looks a bit scary, but the person on this picture and I have the almost same eyebrow colour. 795 more words

Beauty Bloggers

Chapters, Language, and POV

(“Public Notes on Fantasy and the Dark World Trilogy, Part 11)

My Thoughts on the Content of Chapters

One aspect of writing a novel is choosing when to include chapter breaks. 404 more words


Spring Cleaning!


I’m just doing a bit of Spring Cleaning around the site, it’ll inevitably mean that the site is a little messy for a couple of days before normal service is resumed.

apologies, and best wishes



Clock Works

I have a very busy week ahead with four gigs in five days and an orchestra rehearsal on the one night off. The action starts on Wednesday at the… 337 more words


say hello to my blog

The first post in my blog is not very original, but I don’t know where to start when it comes to this adventure of blogging. At the very beginning I must admit that this blog is about me and sport – especially about football. 227 more words