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Facepalm to Social Media

Why in the actual bloody heck are you allowed to like/favorite your own posts?!

What good does it do, really, besides giving those curious enough to see who favorites stuff a good laugh? 230 more words


(May 20th, 2015)- Day 197 

On the 20th of May- Home and tired. From the working out from yesterday I did a lot of work out and so tired and need some sleep and eat. 18 more words


(May 15th, 2015)- Day 192

On the 15th of May– I am just chilling in the office and I can fill out these late update. I went shopping and I am going to lose this weight and its is going to kill me. 12 more words


Who's Afraid of Democracy?

In one of my previous posts, I discussed one case where going with a minority opinion is still considered democratic:

“A large group of friends wants to go out to dinner together.   183 more words


(May 11th, 2015) Day- 188

On the 11th of May-

-7:10Am) Just sitting at bus stop. Wife is going to get some test done. I pray that things get better. Anyway, for the pat few days. 54 more words

Went Out

May 4,2015 (Day- 181)

-Late Post) I can say is that, I walked with my family to Wendy’s and it was nice and hard work. It hurt the way their and back. 6 more words

Went Out

My Tattoos Have Been Keeping Me Alive

Let’s talk with our feet on the ground for a moment here. This isn’t a cry for help or for attention. This is a post about how something that is looked down on by some, yet admired by others, has affected my life. 498 more words