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What did he just (Tecum)say?

I wanted first to touch on the fact that I’ve been making jokes for years about how in 1814 Canadians (really Mother England at this point) burned down the White House and most of the rest of Washington. 404 more words


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Longest and Shortest Books I’ve Read

Hey everyone! I’m currently reading The Way of Kings, which when I’m finished will be the longest book I’ve ever read. This got me thinking, what is the shortest book that I’ve ever read? 634 more words


~ Goodbye For A Time ~

Hi everyone! This is Rebekah.

Due to the thoughtless prank post I wrote a day ago, my parents are no longer allowing me, at the moment, to blog. 210 more words

Updates And News

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The Economist describes David Keith’s research

Their process has four steps. First, air is channelled by fans onto a honeycombed plastic slab called a contactor, where CO2, which is acidic, reacts with aqueous potassium hydroxide, which is alkaline.

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A Worrying Post

“Worry is an unhealthy response to a future fear.”- Dr. David Jeremiah, ‘Ten Questions Christians Are Asking’.  I love this!  This is totally true.

My mother was a worrier.  143 more words

True Life

Wildest Dreams Book Box Unboxing (Lucky Dip 06/2018)

When I first saw that Wildest Dreams Book Box were selling a limited number of boxes for £10 each, I got so excited. Only to find out that they are sold out. 1,678 more words


Harry Potter Anniversary: Day 4 |HP Related Story!

Hello, my Lovelies and Potterheads! ❤️

Today, for the Harry Potter Anniversary week I will be telling you a fond memory of my time with the HP series. 227 more words