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PR has always been my calling. It’s writing, interacting, problem solving and several other things I absolutely love doing. As a freshman in College of Communications, I am excited to take classes and join clubs and activities that give me more awareness and experience with this field. 129 more words


Heritage Interpretation Space in the Crypt Bar at St George's/

  • From U3A member, Christine Crabbe:

Last November I did some research for St George’s around the social history of the area surrounding the church. St George’s is planning to create a Heritage Interpretation Space in the Crypt Bar to house an exhibition telling the story of the church, its musical history and relating the heritage of the surrounding neighbourhood and would like research volunteers. 25 more words


Mercury Signs

The planet Mercury is the planet of intelligence and communication. Essentially it is ” I think” it is how one retains information. How one learns. How one communicates with others and how they need to be communicated with. 155 more words


Error of the Anxious Mind

Anxiety is the result of a misapprehension — not of the horrors that exist in the world (those are real), but the consequences of experiencing them. 12 more words


Know the one about Wagner and the wrong tax code?

Much like the mysterious knight, I usually try to keep my everyday life a mystery ;-) but Wagner uncharacteristically came to the rescue this time and I can file this moaning session under “musically related” (if tenuously so). 1,158 more words


What's Your Tagline?

How would you define who you are….. as a person….. or your basic life principles….. in just a few words? How would you define what guides you in your day to day choices? 874 more words