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Why I Didn't Read Today

This post was inspired by Hilary’s at @SongsWroteMyStory

I know as a bookworm and a reviewer, I’m expected to read all day every day. Hell, it even seems like publishers think so too! 190 more words


If drinking is not authorized without a licence, then why do hotels serve alcohol?

Although restaurants, bars, and even cafes at all hotels offer alcohol to anyone wishing to drink with no restrictions other than age, the law in the UAE requires a licence for purchasing or consuming alcohol. 644 more words


The Candy Book Tag - Robert

We were nominate by Izzy over at Thinking and Inking, you should go check her out because she makes us look like uncultured swine in comparison. 477 more words


CSA update

Our parishioners have donated almost $6,000 to the Catholic Services Appeal. Once all the pledges are paid over the next year, we will contribute $9,975… that is well over our goal of $8046! 37 more words

Strawberry on a wall Project

I always wanted to try one the hanging strawberries projects. Here  we are:) . I was using Fiber Grow Pots; added some egg shells and used coffee grounds  as  a fertilizer. 9 more words


Revelation 12:16 in Poetic Verse

Revelation 12:16

Encompass Blessed Abiding Receptive
All Embracing Beauty Yield Delightful
Covenant Cherish Clear Heart Opening

Magiera: And the earth helped the woman and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed the river that the dragon threw out of its mouth. 1,982 more words

Books Of Bible

Our Story

Sometimes hockey Twitter can be a terribly unappealing place. Fights, bullying, sexism, ignorance all melding together into one giant dumpster fire.  It’s a place that will drive you nuts if you give it the opportunity. 542 more words