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Tips for Maine

So I have been to Portland twice, once with friend and now with the fam. There isn’t that much to do in the town but it was fun to explore for a day. 638 more words


The March For Science. Politics of the Absurd?

People marched for science in cities throughout the nation on Saturday.  Organizers of the march stated that they opposed “New policies (that) threaten to further restrict scientists’ ability to research and communicate their findings.”  They went on to state that “The March for Science champions and defends science and scientific integrity”. 447 more words


Will continue the WAR ON LONELINESS series tomorrow

This has been an extremely hard month for me. I’ve been depressed. It’s a thing that happens. Don’t worry, it’s getting better. That’s why I’m posting here. 432 more words


Mondays Show: Science March & Meet Bill & Learn About His Role in The HUB_Podcast Uploaded

Jerry Nabours and Attorney for the HUB Lindsey Schube joined the Jeff Oravits Show today.  Listen as they discuss the role local politicians played in this absolute blunder, lead by County Attorney Bill Ring, Mayor Coral Evans, Councilmembers Jim McCarthy, Eva Putzova and Celia Barotz.   72 more words


Linux Files and Directories Permissions

Each file and directory has three user based permission groups:

  • Owner/User (u)- The Owner permissions apply only the owner of the file or directory, they will not impact the actions of other users.
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[YouTube] Adult Books for YA Readers

Sometimes, the wonderful tropes that make you fall in love with a YA book just don’t serve your reading mood at the time, but because it is your go-to genre, it can be tough to figure out what else to read. 38 more words

Manic Monday: Lunch

So this is going to be a random Manic Monday blog because I am reaching out to those who work the 8 to 5 life and grind through each day. 169 more words