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Our moments

Hei?! I’m back!!
So this morning i’ve stalked 8a’s Instagram. Yeah that’s my instagram class. And suddenly i don’t know why i miss the moment with my friend in grade 8 so fucking much!!! 107 more words


'He's one of the great sleaze bags of our time': Trump accuses Clinton aide of sharing secret emails with 'perv' husband Anthony Weiner | Daily Mail Online

At an event for supporters in Massachusetts, Trump launched a highly personal attack on Clinton aide Huma Abedin before accusing America of becoming the ‘suckers’ of the world. 28 more words


Odd Shaped Balls (theSpace, 17 - 29 Aug : 19.15 : 50 mins)

“Powerful, energetic and frank”

Editorial Rating: 4 Stars

The story follows professional rugby player James Hall as he comes to terms with his own sexual identity and deal with getting “outed” in the media. 403 more words


La Vuelta 500

It was a route that I’d earmarked for the European meeting this year but did not get a chance to use it, in hindsight, should have stuck to my guns as it was far more interesting, much quieter and less boring than the highway. 45 more words


DIY: get crafty

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