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How To Be Happy; In A Nutshell

We’re put here on Earth to help one another. Even someone like me gets extremely discouraged. So I’m so grateful that there are people like this guy (who creates such good content) to remind me that there is another way.

With much appreciation,

Michael Morallo



Living abroad currently has meant I’ve experienced different sports than I would back home. The main one currently is cricket. While I understand some of the terminology and the basics of how the game works, I don’t understand how the statistics are calculated and how the runs versus wickets affects who wins the match. 329 more words


Video of the Week - February 2015 Favorites

Watch the video here!

Please let me know what you have been loving lately! I am looking for some new things to try out. :)


Quick Update: March 2015

Just looking over my past posts… I write entirely too much shit about #GamerGate, don’t get me wrong I support the tag and goals we’re trying to achieve 100%, but sometimes you just need to take a step back and decompress. 319 more words


Something Unexpected

I’m feeling rather pleased with my self because something that I never thought would happen is just around the corner and I’m rather excited.

This may just sound like the most stupidest thing you have heard all day but at the beginning of the last academic school year I started attending my school’s dance club. 337 more words


The Newmanic Tribe Legend!

The Copper Wire Sculpture Legend Adam Newman

Adam Newman was an artist all his life and is now a true legend who lives on in his art. 1,213 more words


Welcome and Manifesto

Real Victims News Blog is a new blog advocating human rights. We strive to bring awareness to the victims of modern slavery, human trafficking, bullying, domestic abuse and world issues bathed in ignorance. 51 more words

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