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To buy or not to buy, and if so, what?

My medication–which is definitely helping my problem (even if only slightly), given the fit I had last night when it started wearing off–is practically leaving me housebound, which is making me even more antsy to buy something decadent.   570 more words


Life Of An Asthmatic Bodybuilder 

As I finish a set on bench press, I feel the ever familiar feeling of a struggling lung failing to provide enough air. It’s different from being out of breath after a sprint. 416 more words


I love IKEA (video)

For those hours of your life spent in IKEA that you’ll never get back


3 Day "Post A Quote" Challenge [Part 2]

Welcome to the second day of this challenge! I would also like to thank Stephy for tagging me to do this challenge! I hope you all enjoyed my first quote, here’s my next one: 45 more words


How to... Roast Beets

I was given a nice bunch of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) veggies from my sister over 4th of July weekend.  Her friend is a member with a local farmer’s CSA and was going to be away, so she gave my sister her share this time.   300 more words



Gender equality advocates campaign to remove marital status from Palestinian ID cards in the West Bank
  • Women testify to facing harassment and discrimination when presenting their cards, including intrusive questioning from landlords while searching for housing rentals.
  • 107 more words
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