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On Time

Michel Foucault:

‘The principle that underlay the time-table in its traditional form was essentially negative; it was the principle of non-idleness: it was forbidden to waste time, which was counted by God and paid for by men; the time-table was to eliminate the danger of wasting it- a moral offence and economic dishonesty. 52 more words

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"Actions prove who someone Is; Words just prove who they want to Be."

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Brown those tree branches

A fast Squirrel,

A furry Bear,

A sleepy Owl,

A feather from

A fierce Eagle.


Brown is as bold as the stroke of a pen… 248 more words

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Bài nói chuyện của Bùi Văn Nam Sơn: Khai sáng và trưởng thành (phần 1)

Vài lời: Thầy cô dạy các môn khoa học nhân văn có lẽ hiện nay đang gặp phải một vấn đề hóc búa gần như không thể giải quyết: biết dạy gì và dạy thế nào cho sinh viên, bắt đầu dạy từ đâu, và có dám dạy thực sự hay không? 4,439 more words

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