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hell's bells

Unlucky? Hell’s bells! I ran into an accident that started out happening to somebody else.


Last Moment

…I don’t feel satisfied with this translation. Guess, I will have to revise it later… It seems, there are some inconsistencies in it.

Referring to the last two stanzas, it seems, the narrator is dieing while hugging the “you” of the song, thus feeling the warmth of the “you”‘s back and in order to capture and enjoy it, spreading out the palms of the hands. 302 more words


Joke Of The Day To Ease Down Scarcity Tension

A dying man on his sick bed in the hospital called for his wife and four children.

Dying man: “To you my wife, take over the petroleum company at 4, Awolowo Rd Ikoyi” 127 more words


Photo Of The Day:- If Your Girlfriend Fry Plantain Like This, Dump Her

When you pay 1million as her bride price and she offers you “sacrifice of the gods” as your dinner instead of plantain. Bad market 


Fuck off Scientology!

I honestly thought it’d be forever since I even heard of the Church of Scientology, that there was basically nothing more to say about them since 2012. 468 more words