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Mango King Hits The Jackpot

Mango King Carding Tolentino is congratulated by Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos who has supported the mango industry in Ilocos Norte through funds for fertilizers to rehabilitate old mango trees. 355 more words


Others are farther apart than Opposites.

For example, love is much closer to hate than it is to indifference.

Report card - Feb 2015.

It has being a tough month especially when you’re really a newbie in buying and selling shares in Bursa Malaysia. This is the first time and I intended to share my portfolio’s performance last February.I will ‘virtually’ use 10K MYR for my cash deposit although the reality is mine does not worth that much, but still this is only for my own review and motivational purposes. 273 more words

Bursa Malaysia

Meet Ruby Saphy- Migraineur and Winner of #MigraineHeart Day 5

Ruby Saphy won Day 5 of #MigraineHeart and chose to donate her $100 to the American Migraine Foundation. We had a little chat with Ruby about her life as a migraineur and why she chose to donate to the American Migraine Foundation. 551 more words


qiao bing (chinese pan fried thin pastry) 巧饼(巧果)

a very traditional chinese snack eaten during the Chinese Valentine’s Day (qixi festival).. i was smitten by the looks of this and wanted to try it out… 288 more words


Vietnamese DEA for Excel (VDEA)

Để tiện cho bản thân mình sử dụng, cũng như để thuận lợi hơn cho các bạn khi nghiên cứu về DEA, tôi mới mày mò viết code cho một add-in của Excel (tức là bạn có thể sử dụng phần mềm này trong Excel) có thể xử lý được một số mô hình DEA đơn giản: tối đa hóa đầu vào (input-oriented) hoặc đầu ra (output-oriented) trên cơ sở quy mô không đổi (CRS) hoặc có thay đổi (VRS). 63 more words


Poisoning - McMaster Module

1 As part of well-child care, discuss preventing and treating poisoning with parents (e.g., “childproofing”, poison control number).

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