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What is a Bond?

Simply, a bond is a type of loan taken out by corporates, municipality or government by giving a certificate of bond in exchange of money which the investor lends. 188 more words


I stopped comparing myself to others. I start comparing myself to myself. #amazing #compare #selfworth #value


Things I learned this year.

Pra Bellinha, e pra quem quiser saber.

This year I learned that Wonder and Wander are two different words.
I discovered that I really appreciate be surrounded by Brazilians. 352 more words


Gilmore Girls Revival: RIP Rory Gilmore

After a very long time waiting, Gilmore Girls finally come up streaming on Netflix starting Friday. For people like me who has been helped and widely embraced by the series in terms of references for books, movies, culture and events, the 4 episodes of the Revival is one of the biggest thing, I even camped myself out of the house to get better connection to stream the episodes smoothly. 1,547 more words


[POLL] Ideal Framerate Cap for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

If you haven’t noticed already from the differences between the gameplay (Booth and B-Roll), trailer and screenshots, N. Sane Trilogy looks kinda different in every build we have seen so far, although the most curious technical aspect not seen in anything other than the trailer is the framerate. 70 more words

All Things Crash!
Don’t just be good to others, be good to yourself too.

~ Unknown