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Tales of the Innkeepper

Living on a small town near a big city means that public transport won’t allow for much mobility during the night. There’s usually one of two options available when you have a long night of gaming ahead: you either crash at someones place or you organize an all nighter. 176 more words


PayPal Advertising Campaign (Sogno)

As part of our advertising class, we created an advertising campaign for PayPal.

Our team name was Sogno, which is dream in Italian. Our mission was to make our customer’s dreams come true. 180 more words



Real Madrid beat Manchester city to book a place in the final against neighbouring club Athletico Madrid in Milan, Italy. Both side have met once in a Champions League final. 8 more words


Score update

Real Madrid vs Manchester city 1:0


The Naked Bias of Bra Color

Most women would question the melanin-matching ability of “nude” bras, but if you’re black in America, the options are alarmingly limited.

04.29.2016 / BY Sara Chodosh /  680 more words


Now I'm Not Saying It'll Hold An Entire Bouquet, But It Will Definitely Hold A Single Pretty Blossom Or Two .

Online Shopping: From a Luxury to a Trend to a Necessity The 90s proved to in things like car interiors or accessories like air conditioning system, stereo, or a GPS navigator. 445 more words