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Melody is a Lousy Con: Why I need Music

Everyone has that one song. You have that one song. The one song that slips right through your armour. All the crap you put up so people can’t get in, it laughs at. 699 more words


Mad Dogs, some Englishmen, and Joe Cocker's road back

When Joe Cocker returned home in 1971 from the madness that was the Mad Dogs & Englishmen tour of America, he went off radar.

Before computers, before mobile phones, before texting and Face-timing, off radar really was off radar. 920 more words

Leon Bridges, 'Selma,' and the Mini-Revival of 1960's R&B

One of the unsung strengths of the recent film Selma is its soundtrack. With the exception of the celebrated, Oscar-winning, gospel-rap of John Legend and Common’s… 573 more words

Yoga Gives High Return on Investment

Tonight I asked my class what their incentive for coming was.

(Because, people, it is freaking freezing out.)

So I asked them: why do you come out in the  cold, knowing you are going to be beaten, and broken, and boiled alive as the postures slowly ratchet up, and up, and up until you are nothing but a gelatinous mass on the floor. 246 more words


Bobby Bazini an old soul with a new soul sound

As the expression goes, you make your own luck. That in mind, anyone who has heard Bobby Bazini’s music ethic in action would probably be surprised to find that the 25-year-old soul/folk phenom has anything less than an extra-large horseshoe up his aspirations. 918 more words


A man of many talents

Leon Bridges is a 25-year-old former college dance major, but he sounds straight out of the 60’s. Anyone who appreciates the likes of Sam Cooke and Otis Redding (which I assume is everyone) will love this guy. 12 more words


I checked out Beyoncé’s Stevie Wonder tribute performance, but did it differently from many of you.

I closed my eyes, and then listened.

The musical arrangements were tight—I picked that up straightaway. 408 more words