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Approved Otl Timecards Are Not Retrieved Into Projects

1. Profile : OTL: Number of past days, for which retrieval considers changes (days) – It is recommended that you set
the days to double the frequency that you run the retrieval process. 111 more words

To increase the time period of timecards - OTL

  1. Navigate to OTL Application developer
  2. Preferences → Default Preferences Projects → Self Service → Worker → Timecard Status Allowing Edits
  3. Preference Value – Retro ; Past Number of Days – 365

The Expenditure Organization is not active in OTL

Error in OTL while entering timecard entry, “The Expenditure Organization is not active ”

  1. Check the Employee → Assignment → Organisation
  2. Check the Organisation classification in Work Structures…
  3. 14 more words

OTL #454: The Wabash Lights project, Renters rights in Chicago, Singer-songwriter Dina Bach plays live

Mike Stephen learns about The Wabash Lights, a new public interactive art project, from its creators Jack Newell and Seth Unger; discusses renters rights in Chicago with  58 more words

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