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Over the Line San Diego 2016

This post is a couple weeks late. Sue me. I have a series of better-late-than-never posts I’ll be blasting out this week, some going as far back as… 692 more words


Day 81

Got up at 7:10 to do homework. Still had a rough night. ;n; Also my throat’s starting to hurt. ><

I got to the train station uber early today and got to class earlier than usual as well. 270 more words


CanJam SoCal 2016: MicroZOTL gets Mo' Powah

Linear Tube Audio licensed David Berning’s ZOTL tech — and then, began the process of tweaking and adjusting and fine tuning. The result is — at least here at CanJam — the $1,100 headphone amplifier, the MicroZOTL 2.0. 203 more words


ATL, BTL, OTL - what's with all the abbreviations?

Marketers love abbreviations. I’m sure every industry needs its own glossary, but sometimes marketers take it a teeeeensy bit too far. We’re also guilty of assuming that people outside of our field know what we mean when we rattle off a bunch of letters strung together. 376 more words


Not (again) in my lifetime: my OTL list

Kick the Bucket

Some people have a Bucket List. Some people have an anti-Bucket List. This has never been so cut-and-dried for me. Certainly there have always been those (obvious) things I never intend to do: murder anyone, jump off a tall building, and so forth, but most people wouldn’t even consider such things for either list. 858 more words