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Beauty and the War (X Playing Pieces)-Demo Review

If ya’ll will remember back to my doomed Summer Blogging Plans post, I was supposed to play another game by Poison Apple Tales called, War: Valentines Edition,  1,556 more words

Visual Novel

Falling for a Cold Hacker: Dangerous Seduction- Yasumi Arimura

So it’s no secret that this was the guy I was most looking forward to pursuing in the game… I have a thing for the cold, emotionless characters. 1,426 more words


Falling for an Arrogant Sniper: Dangerous Seduction- Masaharu Ryuzaki

First I should probably say that I don’t usually go for the arrogant types that Voltage seems to be hellbent on shoving down our throats all the time. 1,441 more words

Voltage Inc

NaNoRenO Game Show: Rescue Time

PREVIOUSLY: We took a break for Veteran’s Day. Oh, but before that, Paige settled her match with Viktor, as did the royals. Let’s see what happens next! 2,367 more words

Visual Novel

[Full Game Review] English Otome- Always Remember Me

Released in 2012, Always Remember Me is a PC English visual novel, produced by Winter Wolves. The game follows a young woman who finds herself having to win back her boyfriend after he loses his memories after a motorcycle accident. 2,059 more words


NaNoRenO Game Show: Game, Set, Match!

PREVIOUSLY: While Cecil waffles about the sleeping princess, Paige and Viktor go at it! Who will come out victorious? (No pun intended.) 3,760 more words


[First Thoughts] This World Unknown

So with all of the Liar! Uncover the Truth reviews I’ve been writing lately, it might be hard to believe that I’ve also been playing another game… Yup, I have been playing… 1,842 more words