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The Guy I Kinda Like is a Greek God: Astoria Fates Kiss- Hades Season 1 Review

Because of some impromptu snow days I finally got the opportunity to play Hades’s season 1 stories and OMG, it was everything I could have hoped for and more! 1,814 more words


My Lover is a Deranged Rabbit: Alice in the Heart- Peter Review

Alice in the Heart has not been received favorably by many fans. I’ve read several reviews and rants about its many shortcomings. Many have called the game half-assed, drawing attention the poor translation quality, hastily edited CGs, and lackluster writing. 2,024 more words


The Guy I Kinda Like is an Ice Cold Criminal: Astoria Fates Kiss- Hydra Season 1 Review

Initially I had some reservations when Voltage announced that they’d be revamping their Voltage USA line of games as AmeMix. In the past I had found their other English games, lackluster at best and not much to my taste. 1,992 more words


Mini Review: Scandal in the Spotlight

So I sorta kinda fell in love with REVANCE!

REVANCE is the fictional boy band in Voltage Inc.’s mobile otoge Scandal in the Spotlight: Our Secret Love Song. 944 more words


A Change in Situation and a Very Happy Otaku

Hello my wonderful, incredibly patient friends!!

I wanted to give you a little personal update because SO much has happened over the last couple of weeks. 784 more words

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Otome Game Plot Detail: In Your Arms Tonight 2 by Voltage Inc. - Ashida Takeru Ashida Main Story

It’s been a while since I last posted about otome games and this particular post actually started a little more than a year ago and I never had the chance to really finish it. 7,260 more words


Review: Always Remember Me

Always Remember Me is a short and saccharine otome dating sim from Western developer Winter Wolves which is unfortunately lacking in substance.

This review contains spoilers. 726 more words