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my anaconda

As it turns out, today is a Python day. I have just started Chapter 10 on Files and Exceptions in this book, and I am contemplating how I might make use of external files as saved games for my dating sim. 231 more words


Ayakashi Gohan [PC][JPN]

Original title : あやかしごはん
Language : Japanese
Company : Honeybee
Release date : 29th, August 2014
Guide : xxchoroxx



Once upon a time, a long time ago… It is not. 183 more words


My First Otome

I’ve never been much of a gamer, at least not a hardcore one. I’ve seen characters in anime playing dating sims, but I wasn’t aware there was a whole genre specifically for women. 1,654 more words

Video Games

Cinderella Phenomenon Review

I downloaded “Cinderella Phenomenon” on a whim—I was actually waiting for “Fausts Alptraum” to finish downloading and browsing the other free games on Steam when I came across it, and I was absolutely blown away. 749 more words


the end

Before I begin, I’d like to start at the end.

I am a former Web Producer for Conde Nast (Concierge, Details, Glamour) forced into an early mid-life crisis spiral after a cancer diagnosis in 2009. 277 more words


Omnibus Princess Walkthrough – Ornit

Omnibus Princess is an otome game by ‘Genius Inc’ for mobile. The game opens with you trapped in a tower, desperately searching for a ‘book’ that will be your story. 521 more words


Why You Should Play Period Cube (It's because of hot guys, and a good story.)

Official Site.

You know, there is nothing better to be wrapped up in a great game. What’s even better is to be taken by surprise by a game’s twists and turns. 1,123 more words