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Let's Play [Orfleurs] #3

It’s a new day, and that means we’re starting our Exclusive Maid Training! As you can see, the first day we’re stuck with Glasses. You go to wake him up in the morning, but it seems like he’s already been awake. 1,250 more words


Let's Play [Orfleurs] #2

Time to play some more Orfleurs!

Even Adele agrees! From where we left off, you were whisked back into this mansion after your parents were both horrifically murdered along with everybody else in your village. 853 more words


Let's Play [Orfleurs] #1

Orfleurs is the second game by As’Rising, which is the company that made ONEDARI ShareMate (a game I also have and may do a playthrough of later. 1,111 more words


My Cards , Reviewing : [ mixed feeling ] Seishiro Tsutsumi

i will be reviewing for today Seishiro (ؑᵒᵕؑ̇ᵒ)◞✧

The thing is i am not used to pick Seishiro route but since i got his card i am going to try getting to know him a little ( ill be posting information about him ) since they havent made a ” BF Mode ” for him yet  1,746 more words

BF Ameba

「青春はじめました!」 — Part One: The Beginning

*This post may contain spoilers to the plot so read with caution!!!*

If you’re interested, check out this post for more information! 1,530 more words

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