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Flashback Friday with Pokeninja90: Mini Review Scandal in the Spotlight

Happy Flashback Friday!

I know this week I’ve been pretty absent but I promise it has only been because I’m preparing some fun things for the month of October! 491 more words

Grimm Otaku

Scared Rider Xechs

So I did enjoy this anime, but it did remind me a little too much of The Power Rangers. No joke here. It actually took me back to my childhood. 282 more words


NaNoRenO Game Show: It’s Time for Adventure - to the Castle! Go Go Go!

PREVIOUSLY: Cecil steps up to the plate, and Wind goes nuts. Now, it’s time for the Physical Challenge to kick off! 4,207 more words

Visual Novel

[SLBP] With You, Under the Stars - Katakura Kojuro Event Review 

Hello! I’m back with a sort of review for Kojuro’s event story. I have to say, as someone who really really likes Kojuro, I’m hella satisfied with his story this time round. 341 more words

The Aftermath of Mystic Messenger

Hey guys, Minami here. A few weeks ago I posted an intro on the current phenomenal Mobi Otome Game, Mystic Messenger AKA MISTAKE Messenger. Here is the aftermath review of the game. 138 more words

Learning Japanese with Otome Games

Welcome! Some of you guys might remember a similar post under the blog imoutoplus. that is my previous blog, so i decided to make a new post to go with this one! 592 more words