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My Cutie Devil Review & Endings

‘My Cutie Devil’ is a tap Otome game for mobile devices. The story is that you’ve found
this little ‘human’ and you have to look after them. 437 more words


Mystic Messenger Walkthrough: Prologue

There’s really not much to do in the prologue, but there’s a few things you might want to do when chatting with Unknown.

It should also be noted that…

750 more words

Code Realize: Guardians of Rebirth

Lately, I’ve lived and breathed nothing but Code Realize: Guardians of Rebirth. Truthfully, this is the best Otome game I’ve ever played. Every route is amazing, and the Heroine, Cardia, is amazing. 629 more words

Code Realize

Mystic Messenger!

​Oh yeah, let the fangirling begin, begin, BEGIN!!! \(>o<)/~ MysticMessenger by Cheritz!!!! Fangirls, come one come all!!

Let me start off by saying that this game is one of the most unique otome games I’ve ever seen. 1,080 more words

[SLBP] Yukimura or Saizo?! 

Hii. 💕 it’s been a while since I’ve posted something here. To be honest, I don’t know what to post except for like my otome party games reviews. 336 more words

Mystic Messenger Party Grade Guide

Hey guys~! I finally had a convenient save file to test out what happens when you do the Final Day’s party with different amounts of guests. 178 more words