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Stunning fossil discovery: Giant otter was size of wolf

Millions of years ago, a wolf-sized otter swam around ancient swampy China, scientists have discovered. The huge otter would have weighed about 110 pounds, and lived about 6.24…


Animal Medicine Monday - Otter

We are now in the month of the earth astrology totem of otter, with Aquarius being the complimentary sun sign.  Otter helps us to cleanse and purify our sacred waters, that is, all emotional states, blood, and lymphatic systems of humans.  86 more words


Otters in Winter

How the Otter Half Lives (in Winter)

The North American river otter (Lontra canadensis), a member of the subfamily Lutrinae, in the weasel family (Mustelidae), is an equal opportunity player on both land and water. 638 more words

Arianna Alexsandra Collins

Story Teaser: Starshower

Please enjoy and comment! (questions, comments, concerns, etc.)

A group of friends gather one night for the annual Starfall of the city of Serendi and to celebrate their going into tenth grade. 201 more words


Dearest Newbies <3!

This is obliviousotter13. I write fun stories, from fantasy to romance to action. I really hope you enjoy reading these stories. I have some rules you MUST follow though if you are a true otter. 80 more words

Underwater Views

By Linda

On our last day in Silver Springs State Park, we kayaked by the springs and the Fort King Paddle Trail.  We did the loop a couple times.   271 more words