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My best year: September 2013 - September 2014.

I spent a long time thinking about this and whether to write about it or not.

During this year I spent some time hanging out with probably one of the best people I will ever meet and a really good friend. 362 more words


Day 27

A couple of otters soaking up the sunshine.

A Photo A Day (-ish)


She heard the mountains call out to her.
The stream whistled her name.
A gust of wind taunted her,
Daring her to chase it.
The leaves swirled around in circles, 87 more words

Big Sur Half Marathon Recap

Going into this race I had very few expectations and more than a few concerns.  In an effort to keep things light and fun (and help my indecision) I took to Instagram with a race day outfit vote.   1,522 more words



Emotions, Explosions
of feeling
Bursting, Thirsting
for what I can’t have
Starvation, Sensation
of unrequited love
Feeling, Reeling
from the blow to my heart
Stumbling, Bumbling… 22 more words

Words are amazing

I love words, so much. One of my favorites is “shatter”. The word even sounds like the action it describes. Try saying “shatter”. It sounds just like glass breaking on the ground, into a million pieces, irrevocably destroyed, never able to be restored to what it once was. 234 more words

Can't talk, reading.

Jenny Trout (Abigail Barnette) just released ‘The Baby’, so I’m kind of desperate to get back to that.  As usual, it’s outstanding, though I don’t recommend it if you’re not in a pretty good emotional place at the moment, and it specifically includes material about an attempted suicide, so beware.   12 more words