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Exciting Yew View Otter Update!

We have been getting some great Bushnell footage from the otter holt at Yew View. After the last flood that meant we lost two trail cams and the holt disappeared, I was not sure that the otters would return. 828 more words

Yew View

Tortuguero tour


Juvenile blue heron

Green iguana

Green ibis

Northern Jacana


Purple Gallinule


Snake bird

Tiger heron


Up at the crack of dawn for a canoe tour. 861 more words

SoCS: A Plethora of Zoos...Zoo's?

Oh look at that I’m an hour late, well my god it still works except now the second S stands for Sunday. We can yell at me another time I suppose, Linda be merciful I already have three sisters I get yelled at a lot already.  272 more words


Otter loves his rock

Or “her” rock – not sure. At any rate, Matt Beattie captured this video of an otter playing enthusiastically with a rock. Play is said to be a sign of intelligence. This animal definitely qualifies.

Animal Stories

Stop privlaining

Recently I have been really, really tired, have had a cold, hurt my ankle, can’t eat wheat, and I am taking ap tests next week.  In reality my life could be a lot worse, but that doesn’t stop me from complaining about it. 123 more words