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Small-clawed Otter Feeding

Small Clawed otter feeding. Filmed at Crocodiles of the World near Witney in Oxfordshire.


Small-clawed Otters

Photographed at Crocodiles of the World, near Witney, Oxfordshire.

Conservation status: the Asian small clawed otter is listed as vulnerable. 42 more words


Widdel Baby River Otters

What I know about River Otters wouldn’t fill a small brochure, but I’m pretty sure they return to have more little otters.  At least that is my plan. 302 more words


Otter Fact Friday

Fact! In Bangladesh, smooth-coated otters have been trained to help fisherman catch fish. It’s an old and unique tradition, with ties of mutualism that this short video explains.

London surprises

The human habitat expands in three dimensions.

But just the other side of these buses is a tributary of the Thames — the River Wandle, that gives its name to Wandsworth — and look what we have here! 67 more words


Lazy Days and Beaches

Growing up in Phoenix, I never considered myself a “beach person”. I always enjoyed visiting the beach and looking at the ocean, but sand in my toes (and on other body parts) was never something I craved. 102 more words


Whisker Wednesday Presents...

5 Otter Questions With…

Amanda from Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium (PDZA)!

What path did you take to get your job?

I started as an marine mammal intern in the Rocky Shores area of PDZA when I was 18 years old and a freshman in college. 648 more words