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Bridget Jones' grilled salmon with pine nut salsa

Another great Ottolenghi recipe. The story behind this dish is funny. In the film Bridget Jones’ baby, the gorgeous Patrick Dempsey makes dinner for Bridget and calls it Ottolenghi salmon. 398 more words


French beans and mangetout with hazelnut and orange

This cold bean salad is lovely. The Buxers looked a bit funny at the orange peels in their salad but nobody complained, so I guess they love it as much as I do! 277 more words


Oh Hi 2017

New Year’s Day dinner this year was Ottolenghi inspired. Chicken Sofrito with Roasted Cauliflower & Hazelnut Salad and Roasted Tahini Squash. I did lots of research for Sofrito and found that each region makes it differently and Sofrito axtually refers more to the cooking method – the meat is lightly fried in a little oil and is then left to cook slowly in a pan on the hob, in steam created from its own juices. 419 more words

Cooking In

Preparations for vegan January

I don’t go all Zen after Christmas, but I do like to take stuff to the charity shop, rifle through the food cupboards to see what’s gone and what remains.   830 more words


A Little Tree Pie for Christmas

Since my entries are so few and far between these days, I jump at any chance I get to cook a recipe from my “Plenty” cookbook! 385 more words

Aja’ A.K.A Bread Fritters – Perfect To Add To Your Kids Lunch Box

Bread Fritters the perfect complete meal for any day and barely takes 5 minutes to put together. A versatile recipe that is easy to make with whatever is available in your fridge. 52 more words


Beauty in (Any)Everything

Even when certain things in life make no sense at all, I want to see the beauty in those precious comforts I am so thankful for. 85 more words