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‘‘Mamlūk’’ meant ‘‘owned,’’ or ‘‘slave,’’ with the special connotation of ‘‘Caucasian military slave.’’ This was because most early Mamlūks were Central Asian-Turkic or Caucasus slaves who were imported to Syria and Egypt by the Abbasid caliphs of Baghdad to reinforce Arab tribal levies which were losing their military edge, and reputation, within the Arab empire. 734 more words


The ‘Clean Break’ Doctrine: A Modern-Day Sykes-Picot Waging War and Havoc in the Middle East

In 1996 a task force, led by Richard Perle, produced a policy document titled “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm” for Benjamin Netanyahu, who was then in his first term as Prime Minister of Israel, as a how-to manual on approaching regime change in the Middle East and for the destruction of the Oslo Accords. 2,529 more words

Saudi Arabia

Hollywood Glam!

When you craft a round, button tufted ottoman with a leather called Glass Slipper and acrylic legs, you know it is going to be fit for a princess!  13 more words


Of Muslim Harems and Scandals

The concept of sister-wives is an odd and unaccepted tradition by modern standards and perhaps rightly so. However the history of humans is bustling with tales of the multiple wives of kings and emperors. 671 more words


Ottoman and German strategy WWI

Ottoman 3rd Army winter gear

The Battle of Sarikamish, December 29th, 1914.

With the Ottoman assault on Sarikamish having stalled, General Yudenich, Chief of Staff of the Russian Caucasus Army, senses an opportunity to deliver a devastating counterattack. 4,195 more words


Sejarah Singkat Berdirinya Kerajaan Arab Saudi

Taufiq Kurniawan
Mahasiswa Pasca Sarjana Jurusan Sejarah Islam di Marmara University

PDF: sejarah-singkat-berdirinya-kerajaan-arab-saudiDownload

Kerajaan Arab Saudi atau The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia adalah sebuah negara yang memiliki sistem pemerintahan Monarsyi Absolut yang berada di wilayah Jazirah Arab. 1,526 more words

Artikel Ilmiah

Drawing Ire: Illustrated Ottoman Satirical Magazines - Asian and African studies blog

The pen is mightier than the sword, they say, but sometimes it’s the cartoonist’s pencil that stings the most. Around the world, caricaturists of all political stripes have long used their illustrations to lampoon the rich and powerful. 193 more words