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Barbarossa, the Pirate Terror of Christendom

The 16th-century Mediterranean was ravaged by brutal
pirates called corsairs. When the most feared of all, Barbarossa, allied with
the Ottoman Empire, no Christian ship or city was safe.
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The Battle of Kosovo 1389


The Battle of Kosovo was a watershed moment in the development of Serbian national identity. It was also an utter disaster for both participants. The battle formed a major milestone in the Ottoman conquest of the Balkans. 986 more words

Slipcovers for a State of Transition

My client Jenny is in that familiar state of transition. You know, the time where your kids have all but left the nest and pursuing a life of their own but you’re too young to retire just yet. 633 more words


Al-Salt - Jordan

The Town and how to get there

Two weeks ago we made our way to Al-Salt, a city located about 40 minutes West of Amman. 949 more words


A Little Luxe!

Denise Milano Design knows how to bring a bit of glam to a project.  This little round ottoman is no exception and the photo does not do it justice.   28 more words


Italo-Turkish War (1911–1912)

Italy determined to grab Libya, the last surviving
North African state under nominal Ottoman control, and use it as a buffer
against further French expansion. The Italo-Turkish War of 1911-12 demonstrated…
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Belgrade 1717

Eugene of Savoy at the Battle of Belgrade by Johann Gottfried Auerbach. Eugene crowned his career with the battle of Belgrade, after which he retired as the most successful general of the Austrian Habsburgs. 1,564 more words