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That's Amore!

Pacific loves a good ottoman and we are especially fond of this 32″ Round Ottoman created by Linda Seeger Interior Design.   By adding a traditional feeling leg to a modern stitched leather, she created a timeless design.  Enjoy the vita bella!


Why did Ottoman sultans safeguard Islam’s holy relics in Istanbul?

With Topkapi Palace, the administrative and residential power centre of the house of Ottomans, the Turkish government has inherited many valuable holy relics including the Prophet Muhammad’s personal belongings. 173 more words


The One-Handed Calligrapher

One of the best-known symbols of the Ottoman Empire must surely be the distinctive tuǧra, a ‘calligraphic emblem’ that functioned as both a sultanic signature and seal for a range of uses in official documents and in other settings. 550 more words


A view from Turkey: A synopsis of the current Muslim world


When the Age of Enlightenment began in the West, dark clouds moved in over Islamic countries. At first glance, the Enlightenment emerged as an internal struggle within Western civilization launched against Christian morality, the papacy and the Inquisition. 731 more words


Ottoman fountains testify to heritage of charity, style

Source: Al Monitor

 By Pinar Tremblay

 Green parks, historical monuments and untold nooks and crannies give Istanbul the feeling of an open-air museum. The water fountains spread around the city are among the many attractions. 150 more words


Uğur Altun, packaging design for mesir paste, 2019.


Oğulcan Çimen, packaging deign for mesir paste, 2019.