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Walk through tomorrow!

We are headed to Truckee tomorrow for the final walk through of the house. It is getting real y’all!

I am getting excited about all the potential of this house. 92 more words


You're Kilim me Smalls!

A rare find…did you know that Pacific makes a Kilim style ottoman? What is even better…you choose any fabric, leather, faux leather or, if you have one lying around, any antique rug you want to use! 16 more words


Turkey and Greece 1918-22

The WWI victors meant now to divide up the Ottoman Empire: Italians in the south-west, British in Iraq, Palestine and the Constantinople region, the French all over Syria and the south-east. 2,021 more words


Architect traces Ottoman works converted into churches

Architect traces Ottoman works converted into churches

Master architect Yilmaz says 329 Ottoman works turned into churches and bell towers across Europe


Hagia Sophia: Sovereign Right, Cultural Wrong

07.26.2020 ________________________________________

“O YOU who have attained to faith! When the call to prayer is sounded on the day of congregation, hasten to the remembrance of God, and leave all worldly commerce: this is for your own good, if you but knew it.” Qur’an 62:9… 1,026 more words


Foto: greelane.com

Oleh: Prof. Dr. Hamka Haq, MA

Sengsara Membawa Nikmat

Jatuhnya Kekaisaran Romawi Timur (Bizantium) ke tangan Turki Usmani (Ottoman) sungguh kemenangn gemilang bagi Khilafah Islam atas kekaisaran Kristen Ortodoks Romawi Timur yang membawa perasaan menyakitkan tiada taranya bagi Dunia Kristen Eropa. 897 more words


Pembukaan Masjid Aya Sofia: Simbol Kepentingan Wakaf :: Terjemahan Khutbah Jumaat Pertama

Aya Sofia telah dikembalikan statusnya sebagai masjid jami’ mengikut saluran undang-undang yang sah. Pada tahun 1934, satu dekad selepas kejatuhan Uthmaniyyah, pemerintah sekular yang tamak untuk menukar identiti dan jatidiri Istanbul, telah menukar status Aya Sofia menjadi muzium. 1,960 more words