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Fear of Commitment

It is okay, you are not the only one! Pop the big question…where do you want to put the chaise!?! Why choose only one place? Build your sectional with a detachable ottoman that can make any seat a chaise. 12 more words


Ottoman Empire

Detailed political, cultural and civilizational history of the Ottoman Empire

Written by: Dr. Ali Muhammad M. Alsalabi
Translated By: Allama Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Kalyar



Coffee Destination #1: Bosnia & Herzegovina 🇧🇦

Quality over Quantity.

In the first stop on this coffee tour, we’re in a mountainous country that was part of the Ottoman Empire and then part of Yugoslavia before only recently reclaiming its identity – and its coffee. 607 more words


The Siege of Malta, 1565

As part of a period of expansion in the Mediterranean, the powerful Ottoman Empire under Sultan Suleiman I (r. 1520-66) waged an epic siege on the island of Malta, guarded by a small force of Hospitaller knights and troops. 85 more words


The Long Turkish War – Ottoman

The inconclusive, unpredictable, and expensive nature of large campaigns, low-level border conflicts and raids (kleinkrieg) gained importance and became the essential part of the battle environment and lifestyle of the Ottoman-Habsburg frontier after the long reign of Süleyman. 1,426 more words


JOSEPH I (HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE) (1678–1711; ruled 1705–1711)

Habsburg emperor.

Joseph I’s reign was dominated by the War of the Spanish Succession (1701–1714), which pitted Bourbon France and Spain against the ‘‘Grand Alliance’’ led by Austria and the Maritime Powers. 744 more words


Hubungan Kerajaan Uthmaniyyah, Alam Melayu-Acheh

Ottoman Galleon

Perhubungan dunia melayu dan Tamadun Turk(sebelum Uthmaniyyah) telah bermula jauh sejak daripada pengakhiran kerajaan Abasiyyah kemudiannya Ibn Battuta mencatatkan dalam tulisannya ketika berhenti di Samudra-Pasai bahawa kehadiran orang Turk serta pengaruh mereka dalam kebudayaan di rantau ini pada tahun 1345 dan 1346. 565 more words