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Battle of Sisak 1593

Croatia 1593

Hasan Pasha, the Ottoman military Governor of Bosnia, raiding into Croatia found himself facing a large Imperial force led by Michael of Wallachia and Sigismund Bathory of Transylvania outside Sisak, on the Kupa and Save Rivers. 1,947 more words


Battle of Keresztes 1596

The Battle of Keresztes took place on 24–26 October 1596. The battle was fought between a combined Habsburg-Transylvanian force and the Ottoman Empire near the village of Mezőkeresztes (Turkish: Haçova) in northern Hungary. 1,398 more words


Christianity and Islam-16th Century

The Ottoman wintering in Toulon occurred during the winter of 1543–44, following the Franco-Ottoman Siege of Nice, as part of the combined operations under the… 2,473 more words


War Against the Turks

Sembrose por la corte como negocio venido de la mano de Dios, y á todos nos parescia un sueño, por sir cosa que no se ha jamas visto oido esta batalla y victoria naval. 3,852 more words

Naval History

Rock that Croc!

Patricia Sharp of Sharp Design, L.L.C. created this Cocktail Ottoman for her clients and they did rock the croc!  Using a yummy embossed leather from Barbarossa, an ottoman like this is sure to jazz up any space. 11 more words


Ḥācım Sulṭān Fights a Dragon

We’ve met Ḥācım Ṣultān before, so I will not give an introduction here, as the following account comes from the same late medieval into early modern hagiography translated in my previous post. 1,520 more words



Portuguese outpost, Aden, 16th century. Historical artwork of the Portuguese trading post in Aden, Yemen. Portuguese trading posts were founded across Asia during the 16th century after the 1497-9 voyage by Vasco da Gama that opened the way for European maritime commerce. 3,459 more words