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as it seems

So this is what happens when I whimsically decided to boot up Photoshop and edit stuff when I really need sleep.


Convenient writing circumstances

There was no other sound than a light shower sprinkling the tall windows. The desk bathed in the rays of a bright low sun peering from one of the deep blue patches between the clouds. 59 more words

Difficult writing space

Heat crept in through the open window, undaunted by the air-conditioned breeze flowing from a sighing vent in the suspended ceiling. I had come in early to find a decent seat in the flexible office space, but hardly early enough. 336 more words

Fact and fiction

One fact and three fictitious elements and vice versa. In no particular order.

My mother was quite upset when she called tonight. Her calm voice an attempt to hide the panic. 158 more words

You're looking in the wrong place for my love

New From Goose

Garden Bar Gacha

Bar seats (Blue cotton, Grey cotton, and red

Bar Stools ( Red, Blue, Grey

Blue Bottle and Red

2 Chalkboards ( Menu and Wine Bottle) 26 more words


Oua de Paste!

Ce admirativ ma uit la cratitele si oalele cu mancare pe care unele femei le afiseaza cu mandrie in fotografii, pe peretele lor personal, al retelei de socializare facebook.    67 more words


OU vs OÙ


Is a French conjunction which means Or (English), Ou (Português) ,O (Español), O (Italian), Veya(Turkish), O (Catalan) and Sau (Romanian)


1. C’est maintenant ou jamais… 128 more words

Le Mot Du Jour