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York Write What You Like Meetup

This is a group for anyone interested in creative writing at all levels of skill. I believe that we learn by doing and so I’m looking forward to actively exploring the written word with all comers. 51 more words


Plans for Writing

Plans for writing:

  1. Read a shed-load of books on Creative Writing (done)
  2. Start a blog to showcase my writing (done)
  3. Write a novel with NaNoWriMo (done)
  4. 175 more words

5 Ways to Lead in Your Second Semester

Second Semester is underway! This is a busy, yet exciting time for Ohio University students. Taking different classes, joining organizations you haven’t been a part of before, and looking for new job opportunities all create new spaces to lead in! 477 more words


2017 DFFL NFL Playoff Pick Em Divisional Round Results

The DFFL continued with the NFL Playoff Pick Em this past weekend moving onto the Divisional Round of the playoffs. The quality of games was much better than the Wild Card Round and with it were much better results from the DFFL picks. 231 more words


Powershell script to check if a file exists on a workstations in a domain OU.

Another useful script for an administrator, for example to check deployment status.

Script checks $path on the list of computers, that are taken from domain OU, and defined by a filter, and gives a friendly colored console output with additional information, like days workstation is offline. 161 more words


I miss my shower

I love a bath.But a bath should be long and luxurious and involve a book of some description and bubbles. Not a quick dip just to get clean every morning. 487 more words


2017 DFFL Playoff Pick Em - Wild Card Round Results

Well, that was quite the lackluster start to the 2017 NFL Playoffs. All four home teams covered (all four road teams won outright last year) and none of the four games really lived up to expectations. 143 more words