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Get AD Group Members from a specific OU in Powershell

This sounds familiar but I’m pretty sure I haven’t put this up here before.

Here’s a way to get AD group members from a specific OU using Powershell. 61 more words

Samphire Hoe (Part 1)

Where else would you find something so wonderful that has been created, in essence, from the waste of another project?  I can remember being super sceptical when the plans for Samphire Hoe were announced.  382 more words


Our Floor Plans

At the Summit, we offer 4 different floor plans to choose from.  The Madison, the Greenbrier, and the Beechwood are the 4 bedroom/4 bathroom floor plans, and the York is the 3 bedroom/3 bathroom floor plan. 254 more words


Enchanted Rock

Enchanted Rock state park. Featuring: Clare, Missy, and Brooke. Also featuring: three fervent Longhorns and an Oklahoma Sooner.


Reflecting on Reflection

And so another year of study begins! Having completed “H800 Technology-enhanced learning: practices and debates” last year, I am embarking on my second module towards the MA in Online and Distance Education (MAODE) with the Open University (OU). 131 more words


Weekend Warriors

I feel like I have started playing this game of, “how much can I cram into one weekend?”

In Malta, it is impossible to get bored, or have nothing to do. 357 more words


Three Problems with OU Basketball Fans

I’m really great at ranting about OU basketball fans, so here we go again for round three.

The Sooners are having an incredible year thus far, and I couldn’t be happier. 1,332 more words