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“Hello, Chuck – sorry I’m late – what’s up!”

“Nothing. Just sat on the platform, waiting for God. You know.”

“Waiting for who? I thought you were waiting for me?” 331 more words



“Oh, Darling, I’m so sorry I’m late, it must have been awful for you!”

“Well, I did rather fear the worst!”

“What, that the Bosche had bombed the train and -” 283 more words



Mommy says that it’s not nice to talk with my mouth full but lots of peoples do it all the same like when we was in the diner having soda there was a man and a lady talking and they was both talking at the same time as they was eating and she was pretty with blond hair like my dolly but he was older than her and he looked like he might be smelly with his beard and his head that was shining with the sweat that was coming out of him onto his head but not the top of it ’cause that was covered with curly hair like next door’s dog what is called Pooh after the bear that Mommy reads sometimes and that is a funny name ’cause when Mrs Bradley calls for Pooh to come in at night she shouts Pooh Pooh and it sounds like she is saying poo poo which is what I do on the toilet now ’cause Mommy says that I am pottytrain and that is a good thing same as not eating when I’m talking ’cause this one time I did it I spit food on the table and Mommy was mad but when I watched this man and lady talking they are not spitting food at all ’cause they must have got good at it so that their Mommy doesn’t have to tell them off any more and then the lady said what are you saying they fake orgasm and ’cause Mommy says it’s alright to ask her questions ’cause I go to playschool now and I’m a big girl and I have a nactivemind I asked Mommy what an orgasm is and Mommy put a funny face on and it was red and she said that she would tell me later and I knew that she wouldn’t ’cause when she says that it’s ’cause it’s a bad thing like when I asked where Grandma went and she just cried and so I asked Bobby in playschool and he says that they buried her in the ground for worms to eat her up and so I hit him and he is mean and so I know that when Mommy is like that it is something bad and so I tried not to listen to the man and lady again ’cause I don’t want no bad things to come along but then after a bit the lady started moaning like she had a headache in her tummy and I thought that the food she  was eating was hurting her and the man’s eyes got big and he said are you okay but the lady just moaned louder and louder and started to say yes yes yes in a big voice and her eyes was closed up and she was playing with her hair and the lady was shouting god god and Mommy says to Daddy not to say that word ’cause it is a bad word but I don’t know why ’cause at playschool the grown-ups say that god is good and then I jumped ’cause the woman banged on the table while she was shouting and she was breathing funny and yelling yes yes yes again and screaming hard and then she stopped and said oh god again and just starting eating her sandwich again like she wasn’t crazy at all and then the woman sat at the next table said I’ll have what she’s having to the waiter but I don’t think I want that ’cause my soda is the nicest thing there.


Moving on from OU

After graduation, many students find themselves “lost.”
Most colleges prepare students for life as an adult by encouraging internships, finding connections to professionals in their field and being self-motivated. 441 more words



(WARNING: Do not read this if you are of a sensitive nature. Themes of alienation and cruelty.)

(continues from reviewing and redrafting)

Seven parallel bars crossed by a further three set at a right angle. 1,183 more words


I had a request from my boss to move all mailbox from a specific Exchange Database to an OU.

$ExchangeSession = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri…
42 more words

The Value of Reflective Writing

How Reflective Writing Contributes to Leadership

How often do you reflect on the stories that you tell about yourself? How about your team, your values, your family, your leadership? 326 more words