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Let me introduce myself...

Hi everyone.

I am currently doing an Open University degree, in BSc (Hons) Psychology an Counselling, and I am going to use this blog to document anything I find interesting, and and struggles, ups and downs… pretty much my journey. 47 more words



I fell asleep very quick last night after the party. I finally didn’t have a nightmare about my lover… But I think it’s only because I got tipsy last night. 218 more words



Today I woke up from another nightmare of my lover and someone else. 
My martial arts teacher taught us how to fall correctly on the ground and taught us how to run correctly Judo culture. 254 more words


Prediction is very difficult...

I may have passed Academics 101, that first semester of classes, but looking back, it’s fair to say that I flunked Campus Life 101. My mom dropped me off on Saturday and classes started on Wednesday. 913 more words


Over the hump... of the first week.

Yup. Had my last Intensive Honors Latin class for this week, along with English and Film, and now just have Logic tomorrow. And then a Latin test on Monday, which will be intense. 236 more words


Seth's Game Preview 8/26/15

Tomorrow’s Game of the Week will be a women’s soccer contest between the Oakland Golden Grizzlies and Michigan State Spartans.  This non-conference match-up will be at the Oakland Soccer field at 7pm Thursday night. 76 more words

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