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I Will Love You Even If It Hurts

You will always be my greatest adventure. I love you when you are happy, but I love you even more when you are sad. I love you on your joys, but I will love you even more on your struggles because I know life gets difficult for everybody. 731 more words

Sonata For Horns and Percussion

I would not say that the human female is a bad driver, but she can be a slightly timid driver, and sometimes I can use that to my advantage to make her life little more miserable. 662 more words

Naughty Loki

paradox of crushed ice

pretty much crushed here.

i’m like those grated ice chips that they make slushies out of.

you know, crushed ice.

it’s really only used for those slushy things. 71 more words

Quads, quads, quads!

You know you’ve had a good week when you literally have ‘Oh my quads’ on ur brain all day! Ouch!
😵 8 more words


Live Cockroach Causes Pain in Skull

Maegan McCart- February 15, 2017

The woman knew after waking up suddenly in the middle of the night that the pain in her head, which had an itchy and scratchy feel to it, could not be ordinary. 215 more words


Toasted Shoulders

Quickie here. We’ve been hammering our shoulders lately. So much so, that I can barely lift 3 gallons of water to fill my fish tank! This is how I feel about this.