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Tattoo Laser Removal, Session 2 (Warning! Icky Pics!)

Dearest of the Dear Readers and Readerettes,
It’s been a while, I know, .

We need to rewind to July 1st, so let’s do!

Above is the actual session of the laser removal (it’s 80 seconds long and please note my lack of screaming and/or flinching). 945 more words


Ouch (e-Factor) | Easy Fat Loss Program

OUCH! Have you ever been stung by a bee? Know anyone who has? Did you know that the foods you’re eating… even if they’re healthy foods… can make your body believe it’s been stung by a bee? 90 more words

Teething Bites

So, its happened.

You’ve cut TEETH!!!

Yes!! Plural! You now have 2 teeth, not just one, TWO!!

You were so cranky last week that I hand balled you to Nanna P in the hope of getting SOMETHING done and returned to find you happily sucking on an ice cold teething ring. 56 more words

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Pain in the Shoulder

How much can one shoulder hurt?  Last week I had an … incident while working out.  There was some discomfort, but nothing so sore that I couldn’t move.   73 more words


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