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Day 270 of 365: feel the suck. get the prize.

My boyfriend is a generally happy person. He lives his life in the middle numbers on the 1-10 scale. That’s kind of his base level of existence. 612 more words

365 Days Of Embracing The Unknown!

Pregnancy and Labor

What pops in your head when you hear the word labor? Pain! I am a mother of 3 beautiful boys. Yes I have all boys which means I have three musketeers and imagine the trouble they give me. 361 more words

A lesson I will never forget -

When life gives you lemons, you neglect your blog….

When I first started this blog back in September of 2017, I was super excited and very committed to its success! 294 more words


Doing it Anyway

This last year has really been all about learning to do things anyway – even when I’m sad, anxious, or hurting. Writing even though I’m not as fast anymore and get distracted easily. 401 more words


Ouch! The story behind the logo

A big OUCH moment just happened today.  Am I embarrassed?  Yes!  I felt foolish, sad, mad, and hurt (mostly my pride).  I thought twice about posting this but I figured it would be helpful to others so I swallowed my pride.   360 more words



I had an accident a few weeks ago that left me looking pretty beat up.

This was me 4 days after the accident.  I am all better now with a character type scar above my right eye.  76 more words



In this approval seeking world, we must be careful to develop and exercise discernment as we determine who to allow in our personal spaces. Not everyone has a place, neither should they. 440 more words