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On Turning Nineteen

by Chloe Burns

My nineteenth birthday was about a month ago. I was incredibly lucky to have spent it at home with friends and family, but I couldn’t help feeling a little empty. 456 more words

Life & Other Drugs

buddies at the beach

My blog is called The Beauty In Eye because it’s about my life and things I find beautiful, my goal is to capture a picture of someones eyes and also asked them what they find beautiful. 306 more words


the devil beneath my feet

“Argentina? What do you think you’re doing, trying to escape? What kind of fool’s hobby is this, anyways? Stand down and we won’t give you two a painful death,” Anders thundered from his precarious position through the sunroof of the scarlet car. 917 more words


a tad too spontaneous

Sometimes I miss the old Argentina, even though I never knew the version that didn’t have trauma and misery clouding up her brain. She was whiplash brilliant in everything she did, it seemed. 710 more words


#2 German Bands and Singer 'Z' part one

Okay, so I have to skip some letters but this is the last but really not least.

Actually, next to Sasha, this is my favorite. 130 more words


#quills #foal

NOTHING hurts worse than this:

…discovered during my quest for nothing.

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Someone pick my nose, puh-leeaase!

Blogging About Nothing