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I don't hold grudges, you just become irrelevant 

Quote by…the one and only Anon.

This post is about how harsh and non emotional I can be. Since as long as I can remember I do not hold the ability to forgive, forget or even realise people that hurt me exist. 495 more words

16 stone 8lbs

Holy crap! The last time I was this weight I was pregnant! I hadn't realised how much weight I had put on! 😩😩

My mum got all excited today to show me her new purchase….. 51 more words

WATCH: This Excavator High Dive Ended In A Gut Buster

I’m pretty sure this dude handed off his beer before attempting this “backflip with a twist and dive.”¬†Hoping that lifejacket helped out with the gut buster of a bellyflop entry.


WATCH: Mountain Biker Dislocates Shoulder, Friend Pops It Back In With No Experience Whatsoever

I’ve never dislocated my shoulder but I’ve seen others do it plenty. Kudos to these two bro’s for keeping their heads together and popping ‘er back in there and riding out. 6 more words


A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Live in Your Own Head

Everyone knows that the real world is pretty frightening. With all the crazies, massive debt, rising living costs, chances to die, lack of a competent government, amongst others, who wants to acknowledge that this place sucks? 446 more words