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Why Balancing is Important

Imagine you are standing in a field that stretches out of sight ahead and behind you. On your left a little ways away is a deep chasm. 622 more words


Can you pop Bob's boil?

When I got home from work yesterday, Husband said to me, “Bob’s coming over. I told him you get a boner for popping things, so you need to pop a boil in his ear.” 672 more words


A dubious award

According to a small child in town today, I am the coolest old person they had ever seen. Possibly even the coolest old person, ever. Old people, you see, don’t wear Batman t-shirts. 136 more words


Interesting Tattoo

The other day I was at work, and a lady came in asking for some A&D Ointment. I pointed to where it was, and she asked me can she put the ointment on her lips. 212 more words


Moving Forward

It’s time to move forward. To consider what OUCH!less organizational development might actually be. OUCH!less OD is not necessarily a smiley, happy place. It certainly is not a place of certainty. 1,743 more words


I got semi-seriously injured turning off my alarm clock, which is like...

…a very me thing to do.

All’s well that ends well though! My neck – which was super tweaked out and I almost fainted with the pain, wow, hurt so bad – is now almost completely back to normal pain-wise! 81 more words

Only Words

Life Hack

Hey people.

Here’s my tip of the day- don’t fall for a guy. Ever. They’re not worth it. You’ll think they like you, and your friends will tell you they do, and then they will  8 more words

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