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There are certain people you should always remain respectful, and polite, towards.

Sometimes having a “stay” in hospital can cause a patient to, well, lose patience.

So I’m in hospital with a catheter attached, this nurse comes in, draws the curtains and says “I will remove catheter for you”. 153 more words

Notice to Appellate Lawyers: The Tennessee Court of Appeals Will Call You Out for Poorly Written Briefs

This is not what you want to see as a lawyer: “Because Appellants failed to construct more than a skeletal argument in support of their issues on appeal, we deem them waived. 428 more words

Tennessee Court Of Appeals

"Have a nice trip?" "Last Fall."

A nice trip, indeed.

I’m working in a warehouse now as a technical writer. The administrative aspect of my job doesn’t mean I get an office, however, or even a traditional desk. 221 more words


"What Would You Do?" Wednesday - Something Completely Different.

We’ve been having a good run of #wwydwednesdays lately, but I’ve noticed a pattern.  The past two have been significant blunt-force trauma.  We had a rappel fall/failure, followed by a patient that was kicked by a horse.   197 more words

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Fibro Flare

I’m in the process of writing a pitch dealing with disclosing mental illness in the workplace as well as working on my professional freelance writing website/my personal writing brand. 431 more words

More ouch than anticipated

I admit it: I kind of thought that a day or two after having my old lady leg all fixed up, I’d be pretty much back to normal and making the most of some time off work. 91 more words

Pog Life