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I like you

My head is spinning. I’m not drunk. Well, not drunk drunk. I am drunk but I know what I’m doing and what’s happening around me. We just finished a round of card game and someone’s going to ride the bus. 282 more words


CP Canings

I loved the idea of canes from the definitely-was-legal, nervous, internet search based, baby steps into kink-land. School roleplay fantasies, where hard wooden desks and images of tucked up uniforms featured heavily; always stopped short, it was very hard to imagine what a cane must feel like. 359 more words


So, What Would You Do? Hooked, Line, and Sinker

On Wednesday, I put up a video scenario and invited you to consider what you would do.  I have to admit, this injury makes my skin crawl just a little.   467 more words

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)


My 12 year old General Electric washing machine died. Well, I pulled the plug on it. It needed $400 in parts to repair it so I decided to replace it. 345 more words


T25 Beta Week 1 - I'm Dying and Everything Hurts...Beta

Did you know that bicep muscles can cramp? Violently? At 1 in the morning?


So T25 Beta Week 1 is done! All those muscles that only hurt a little after… 242 more words



Over the Knee, the classic, the staple, the one everyone loves.

When I first started exploring kinky things this is obviously where I started – what I didn’t expect was just how different an experience this can be! 259 more words


"What Would You Do?" Wednesday - Hooked, Line, and Sinker

The New Year is customarily the time of year in which people make resolutions for self-improvement.  One of mine was to blog more regularly.  What I did not count on, however, was how busy January would be.   111 more words

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)