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A New Paddock

At the beginning of the week, I let the horses into a new paddock. I’d been “saving” it for the summer because it’s nice and shady. 134 more words

The Farm

Scenes from the Farm

Mornings are some of the most peaceful times on the farm. Here’s a little peek at what I see most mornings when I head down to the barn with Sydney. 107 more words

The Farm

We stand alone...

“Standing at the gates and watch Metropolis. Empires come and go, we live forever…” The Covenant “We stand alone…”

As I heard this song for the first i just found it cool. 213 more words


Cooling Off in the Heat

With a week of temperatures in the high nineties and record heat for mid June, we’ve been watching the horses closely. Sydney has been giving them a few extra baths to keep them cool. 60 more words

The Farm

Smokey & Friends

Smokey had the pleasure of some more visitors today: Adelaide, Clara and Wyatt. Sydney showed the kids how to brush Smokey, and then she led them each on a pony ride. 46 more words

The Farm

Smokey Meets Some New Friends

One of the things Sydney enjoys doing is introducing young children to our horses. We had some dear friends over the other day and they brought their kids.  63 more words

The Farm

The Farrier Comes to Visit

This morning the farrier came for his regular visit and he trimmed all three horses’ hooves. Smokey was first in line, but I didn’t think to get my camera out until the farrier started working on Misty. 147 more words

The Farm