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Writing, loving--inseparable

I believe it’s no coincidence that once I chose to write full time my world opened up in completely exceptional ways.

I have been struggling with having the confidence to just write, write, write. 562 more words

Our Behaviour

Peace on the Farm

It’s been seven weeks since Shady arrived on the farm. I’m happy to report that during the month after BarnStock, the gunshots and Foxie’s “walk-about,” the horses have gradually begun to get more comfortable with each other. 122 more words

The Farm

First Glimpse

After the scare with Foxie going missing the previous day, I wasn’t sure what I would find in the big pasture the next day. I was so relieved to catch this “first glimpse” of the horses in the morning. 167 more words

The Farm

Chicken Escapades

Just about as far away from planning and organising as I can get with todays post, well I suppose it actually does have a tedious link there somewhere seeing as I’ve been writing my 5 year plan and the main part to that plan is to own a farm! 338 more words


The everyday lives

I was sitting in the Pointe-Claire village on Saturday evening waiting.

I was meeting someone for dinner and I was there early so I decided to people watch. 440 more words

Our Behaviour

Creature Thoughts, August 2016


We humans talk a lot about love. It’s a key subject in our lives. We write books about it, we film movies about it. The vast majority of the music written in the world revolves around this favorite topic of our hearts. 422 more words

Creature Thoughts

a year of living with kittens

This time last year, armed with a newly purchased cat basket and with a cat bed, scratching post and a couple of toys waiting at home, we went to collect two small kittens, a brother and sister abandoned by their mother (we presumed) and in desperate need of a home. 436 more words

Our Animals