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Why I love sheep

I’ve had sheep a couple of years now. We got Buttercup and Gypsy when they were just 8 weeks old. We brought them home and just stared at them… for days! 537 more words

Our Animals

This Is EGG-citing!

Holy duck eggs, Batman! I have no idea what we’re going to do with  48 ducks if all these eggs hatch. Let me back up a bit and explain what’s going on. 535 more words

Our Animals

The NOT AT ALL Ugly Ducklings

I’ve always loved ducks. #1 reason… because they are so stinking CUTE! But, cute doesn’t pay the bills or feed the family so I decided to do a little research about these adorable little waddlers. 422 more words

Our Animals

Little Mousers!

Everyone on a homestead has a job to do…. including these 2 Little cuties. Mice are inevitably bound to find their way into the barns and sheds when grain and hay are left laying around.   63 more words

Our Animals

Clyde- Black Angus Bull

Clyde is our Black Angus Bull used for breeding our cows.

Black Angus

The Grounds Crew Members

We started off with 4 original goats. While we plan to raise meat goats in the future, these 4 were gotten mainly just to eat some of the pasture and keep the weeds at bay. 310 more words