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Our Sheep

End of April we bought our first sheep: three pregnant ewes.

What do we know about pregnant ewes? How will we recognise that they are ready to give birth? 275 more words

Our Journey

Meet Peanut the Burmese Cat

Peanut became part of our farm family last Christmas Eve. My daughter thought it a good idea to bring him over for our family’s Christmas celebrations. 249 more words


Sheep at SoggyBottom Homestead

When we bought our homestead last year, it came with a Wiltshire Horn ram. The previous owner was unable to round him up with the rest of his herds when he sold them. 347 more words

Our Journey

Outdoor Children

Anecdotal evidence shows that children that spend the most time outdoors seem to have a stronger immune system. Considering that it’s only in our recent history that mankind is spending more time indoors than outdoors, I agree. 461 more words

Our Journey

Welcoming Animals in our Homestead

Welcoming Animals in our Homestead There has been much preparation and work done around our property in the lead up to the time we would introduce animals on the homestead. 647 more words

Our Journey

Our Chooks

I cannot imagine a homestead without chooks.

Yes, we did plan to have chooks, many of them, different breeds if possible, but our motto is, let’s go slowly, it’s a journey not a destination. 148 more words

Our Animals

Meet Our Furry Kids

I can’t believe that we have never introduced our furbabies to you yet!!!  We have 4 furry kids…Molly the cat and Mike, Carlos, and Bella, our pups!  851 more words