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Misty's Treatment

During Misty’s recent vet exam we learned that her hocks were sore. The vet recommended a round of injections to help her feel better. He came out today and treated her. 242 more words

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martin and tracy's big adventure

After having had their first set of vaccinations, it was time for Martin and Tracy to explore the great outdoors, accompanied by responsible adults, of course! 38 more words

Our Animals

At the Salt Lick

We always enjoy watching our horses and seeing their natural behaviors and herd instincts. The other morning the horses hung around the back of the barn after I had turned them out. 154 more words

The Farm

Horse Massage....ahhhh!

Our horses were treated to something extra special this afternoon. The sister of a friend of ours is a horse masseuse. She came to the barn and worked on Misty, Foxie and April. 81 more words

The Farm

Black Soldier Flies: Progress

The BSF larvae seem to be doing okay. I’ve found a few in the harvesting/collection container a few times which means the ramps & tubing are¬†working as planned. 182 more words

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Seeing Double

Two paints in one ring! A few day ago Sydney and Lauren-Kate had their first opportunity to ride together in a few weeks. It was a lovely sight!

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Black Soldier Flies: The Arrival

The BSF larvae arrived and they’re wriggling around in their new home, eating everything in sight. When I opened the container I thought, “There’s no way there’s 5,000 larvae in there!” 63 more words

Our Critters