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The chicks are turning into giant behemoths. Hondo’s comb is starting to look like a mohawk. Clara’s coloring is absolutely gorgeous and Audrey’s colors are starting to turn brown and she’s gaining some red fleshy coloring under her beak. 147 more words


On His Knees

I didn’t get a photo of Smokey the last time the farrier came to visit, so I made sure to get one during his most recent visit. 28 more words

The Farm

at the vet's

Martin and Tracy met the vet today. He said they were healthy kittens, about 50 days old, and luckily, Martin is indeed a boy and Tracy a girl (although we were planning to keep their names regardless!). 99 more words

Our Animals

Bringing Up Baby

The chicks are growing up quickly. I checked on them yesterday morning and saw that they had nearly doubled in size! They’ll be outgrowing their brooding container in the next few weeks so finding another way to “contain” them until they’re able to be transferred to their coop became imperative. 160 more words


meet martin & tracy

They are not exactly livestock and most certainly cannot be confused with pigs but meet the two new additions to our family:

They will, of course, be working cats and will be expected to keep unwanted visitors such as mice, lizards, and frogs, out of the house. 110 more words

Our Animals

New Home

Yesterday the chicks got a new brooder home. We bought a big plastic tote, cut the middle of the lid out and screened it. Now they can stay outdoors (in the shade) during the day and can be brought indoors at night. 98 more words


Who's That Chick?

Sunday, 5 July 2015, we brought home our first chicks. We got 3 hen chicks (Agnes, Audrey Henburn, Clara) and 1 rooster chick (Hondo). Dahlia joined our family yesterday. 59 more words