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1) Do for yourself ...

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… exactly what the poor need to do for themselves.

On the one hand, I will shortly dispel the notion that wealth means you don’t have the same needs. 544 more words


5) Pray for the public schools.

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Almost all poor children attend public schools.

It is impossible for any thing to benefit them that does not also profit society as a whole.  128 more words


Life with OCD

Everyone’s this way a little bit.
It’s adaptative to check the door two or three times to be sure it’s locked.
It’s not adaptative to check it fifty times. 1,429 more words


What the little birds told me

(Originally published 07/21/12 at Trojan Horse Productions.  Reblogged 04/23/14.)

The pigeons. Years ago, when I had an office job downtown, I’d wait for the bus every afternoon on the south side of Baltimore Street one or two blocks east of Charles. 548 more words

The Homeless Blogger


You CAN get too much of a good thing.
ANY good thing, apparently.
There is one exception.
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Get On Your Feet

Political commentary ...

… is rare on this blog.

Facebook uncovers political influence campaign ahead of midterms

Read the comments.  What astonishes me is, post-Helsinki, Trumpers’ headlong rush to approve of anything Russia does.


When needs are met

This is the third of three posts about entitlement:
07/12 – “Entitlement(s): Attitude and policy”
07/19 –
“How I became homeless”
Today – “When needs are met” … 767 more words