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Feeling good enough in our marriage. 

There’s never been a moment in our marriage where you caused me to be anything more than beautiful. But, because of my own broken past, and broken pieces….I’ve had many moments of feeling unattractive, broken, and far from good enough from you. 200 more words


Baby Fitz: Week 2

Babies grow and change so quickly, and I really struggled at feeling like taking photos in those early days, but looking back now, I am glad I captured these few. 113 more words

Our Daily Life

Vegan-ish Experiment starts off with a 5lbs weight loss! 

Good Morning Friends!

Okay, well the title is a bit overdramatic considering I just started the Vegan Experiment, but seriously, I was feeling really less bloated and awesome this morning, so I thought, “I’m going to jump on the scale and just see — no expectations, just see” and there is was. 907 more words


Vegan for 10 days?! 

So, I’ve recently been inspired by a local you-tuber that is located in Tuscan. I got super hooked because there was a “before” video that she posted where she was basically in underwear and a black bra and was talking about her body in a mirror. 402 more words


Let the dishes be your therapy..

Someone once told me, let the dishes be your therapy.
And, I really never would consider a daunting task like cleaning my family’s dishes to be ‘therapy’, but lately? 202 more words


Social Media makes me puke.

Instagram is like a super blonde hot cheer leader with a shitty attitude and an all time behind the scenes skeem to destroy people. It’s an asshole game of “let’s follow people to make them think they’re liked and then quickly unfollow them because they’ll never know!” — except, there’s an app for that… 282 more words


Without Words - What I've been up to lately. 

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