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Tough Political Decision? Let History Be Your Guide

Decisions, decisions.  Man is a thinking animal, and every waking moment involves decisions.  Most are ordinary choices of personal comfort.  Some decisions are a matter of life or death, or even something so paramount that one will risk his own life to achieve the desired result. 547 more words

Our Economic Mess

Easy First Step to Make USA Stronger - Eliminate EITC

Our federal deficit and debt is so huge and out of control, there’s just nothing anybody can do about it.  We’re screwed, right?

Wrong.  We CAN fix it, and we must, if we give a damn about our kids. 816 more words

Our Economic Mess

Let's Fix Immigration - Voters Demand It, And It Can Be Done

Americans are worried as hell that our country, like many other Western nations, is hurtling headlong toward third-world status or worse by failing to control our intake of legal and illegal immigrants, asylees, and refugees.  969 more words

Our Economic Mess

Liberal Politicians Make Me Want to Holler!

I spend a good part of every day shaking my head.  I know you do too.  We ask ourselves, “what is wrong with these damn dumb liberal politicians? 668 more words

Our Economic Mess

Republican Voters Would Crawl Over Broken Glass to Defeat Hillary

Here we are at the end of 2015, and it’s still all Trump, all the time.

Trump’s juggernaut campaign remains a total mystery to the Washington Insiders, especially the Republicans.  827 more words

Our Economic Mess

Are The Three Stooges Running Our Energy Policy?

Gas is down to $1.65 a gallon here in South Carolina, and dropping.

It seems like only yesterday we feared industrial nations would need more oil than could be produced, and that we might even run out of oil.  512 more words

Our Economic Mess

Liberal Comedy - You Can't Make This Stuff Up

So there we were, my wife and I, patiently waiting for the York County (SC) council meeting to start.  I was one of several constituents there to make a statement in support of our councilman’s resolution to prevent the Refugee Relocation program from dumping third-world citizens in our county.   456 more words

Our Economic Mess