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Liberal Comedy - You Can't Make This Stuff Up

So there we were, my wife and I, patiently waiting for the York County (SC) council meeting to start.  I was one of several constituents there to make a statement in support of our councilman’s resolution to prevent the Refugee Relocation program from dumping third-world citizens in our county.   456 more words

Our Economic Mess

Hurry! Free Lunch! Right Over Here! It's Free!

Free!  It’s all free!  Vote for me, and I’ll give you a free college education, free health care, open borders with free everything for every poor person who walks in!  575 more words

Our Economic Mess

Corruption - Time To Raise A Little Hell

75% of Americans think our government is corrupt.   No kidding?

Everybody knows the game:

  1. Taxpayers give money to government.
  2. Corrupt politicians give some of that money (or favors) to organizations…
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Our Economic Mess

Don't Feel Guilty If You Are Worried About Immigrants and Refugees

I know you are concerned about the exploding levels of legal and illegal immigration and refugee resettlement in the USA.   You are worried about the high crime rates among these foreigners, the declining number of employed Americans and falling wage rates, and the destruction of our uniquely successful American economy and culture.   657 more words

Our Economic Mess

"Most Govt. Spending Is Mandatory - That's BS

Federal officials and elite media pundits ridicule conservatives who demand lower government spending levels. They say only 24% of the budget is discretionary, and most of that is military spending, so there is nothing anybody can do about increased spending and debt without taking a hatchet to social security benefits. 532 more words

Our Economic Mess

National ID or Uncontrolled Immigration - Make Up Your Mind

As a teenage baseball pitcher  I had a pretty good fast ball, and liked to throw everything hard.  But my curve ball just wasn’t working.  Then I got a physics lesson from my coach.   822 more words

Our Economic Mess

The Guy Who Works At the Dump is Angry

I haul my own garbage to the dump.  Call me old fashioned.  Or cheap. Or both.

Here in South Carolina we have “waste collection and recycling” centers conveniently located around the county.  800 more words

Our Economic Mess