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Cut the Budget, Or A Whole Department? You Decide!

When is the last time the Federal Government asked you what you want it to do?  Been a while, hasn’t it?

Here is yet another example of how elections really do matter.  437 more words

Our Economic Mess

Let the Miracle of the Free Market Work For Health Care

We have two problems with our health care delivery system:  access and cost.  In 2010, ObamaCare was passed to address both problems.  Predictably, it failed. 699 more words

Our Economic Mess

HOFS (Hair On Fire Syndrome) Epidemic Rages Across America

An epidemic is sweeping our nation.  Hair On Fire Syndrome (HOFS) was first widely diagnosed among members of the Democrat community and has recently begun to infect other defenseless groups of Americans. 454 more words

Our Economic Mess

We Can Rebuild the Military AND the Budget

President Trump’s campaign promise to “Make America Great Again” included his plan to restore our military preparedness to at least pre-Obama levels.  His message resonated with voters, and still meets little resistance from political leaders or from citizens. 378 more words

Our Economic Mess

Trump's First Thirty Minutes in Office

:  Good morning, Mr. President.  I hope you will enjoy your first day in the Oval Office.

: Thanks, Rosie.  But just remember, one screw-up and You’re Fired!  784 more words

Our Economic Mess

The ObamaCare Zone

What made the United States an economic powerhouse with the highest standard of living in the world?  Without a doubt, it is our belief in free market economics.  556 more words

Our Economic Mess