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Baby, The Rain Must Fall, The Wind Must Blow. And Congress Must Spend.

A conservative friend posted a clever and shrewd tweet today.  Democrats (and some Republicans) on the Senate Finance Committee are holding up confirmation of US trade representative Robert Lighthizer… 696 more words

Our Economic Mess

We Can Rebuild the Military AND the Budget

President Trump’s campaign promise to “Make America Great Again” included his plan to restore our military preparedness to at least pre-Obama levels.  His message resonated with voters, and still meets little resistance from political leaders or from citizens. 378 more words

Our Economic Mess

Trump's First Thirty Minutes in Office

:  Good morning, Mr. President.  I hope you will enjoy your first day in the Oval Office.

: Thanks, Rosie.  But just remember, one screw-up and You’re Fired!  784 more words

Our Economic Mess

The ObamaCare Zone

What made the United States an economic powerhouse with the highest standard of living in the world?  Without a doubt, it is our belief in free market economics.  556 more words

Our Economic Mess

Maybe It's Time To Retire My Obama Phone

I have had some fun over the past several years at President Obama’s expense.

Those of you who have rocked with me for a while remember that several years ago… 431 more words

Our Economic Mess

Hey America, Here Comes the Sun!

BUH-BYE Sanctuary Cities.
BUH-BYE Political Correctness.
BUH-BYE Corrupt DOJ and Loretta Lynch.
BUH-BYE ObamaCare.
BUH-BYE Gay takeover of the military.
BUH-BYE Radical Muslim immigrants.
BUH-BYE Planned Parenthood money from taxpayers. 385 more words

Our Economic Mess

TPP Walks, Talks Like A Lame Duck

Donald Trump is against the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  Bigly.

Hillary Clinton is also against it.  But she was for it before she was against it.  Trump says… 777 more words

Our Economic Mess