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Obamacare for Dummies

The Affordable Health Care Act


In March of 2010 the Affordable Health Care Act (ObamaCare) became law.  The bill passed the House by a vote of 206 – 212, and the Senate by 60 – 39.  743 more words

Our Economic Mess

Career and Technology Education - An Alternative to College

The nexus between education and employment has never been more complex.

Some political leaders and candidates say a college education is so vital in today’s job market that taxpayers should provide it as a free entitlement.   551 more words

Our Economic Mess

No More Immigration Until We Fix Anacostia

It was a short drive from my hotel in Washington, DC’s toney National Harbor district to the Capitol.  But we were stuck in heavy traffic on I-295 into downtown.  626 more words

Our Economic Mess

Time For A Change - Make Govt. Employees Accountable

If you got caught spending most of your time at work watching porn on your computer, do you think you might get fired?  If you owed money to your employer and… 533 more words

Our Economic Mess

My Economic Plan is Even Better Than Hillary's!

I studied and taught economics but I still could never quite figure out the Democrat’s plan to improve our economy.  But now I think I finally get it.  560 more words

Our Economic Mess

Young Americans Are Screwed - They Think Capitalism Is Just Not Fair

I’m worried about our American youth.  I know, grandpas have been saying that forever.  But I am worried, and it’s not about social changes.  It’s about our economic future.  481 more words

Our Economic Mess

Big Government Elitists Are On The Run

Voters in Great Britain took a courageous stand against their heavy-handed, uber-liberal, politically correct, elitist big-government overlords at EU headquarters in Brussels yesterday.  They said NO to open borders.  421 more words

Our Economic Mess