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You come upon a house in the woods...

I have a bad habit of looking at houses for sale in our area long before Mr. Bear and I were ready to begin our quest for our first home. 111 more words

First Time Home Buyer

This Old House

I’ve been awfully reminiscent lately of the past 2 years and 8 months in our 1st home together. Showing the house to prospective renters, I find myself wanting to point out every single beautiful quality of the home like a proud mother when asked to describe her child. 775 more words


My Writing Space

I don’t really use the same space to write. The first time I kept a journal (which I think we equate to today’s blogs), I was six-years-old on a family road trip to Yellowstone, WY. 321 more words


A new home for the Swansons.

After ending a long and stressful whirlwind of house hunting, Jar and I finally found our dream home. Looking back, I wish I would’ve documented those many months of waiting and wanting. 554 more words

Our First Place

A Tribute to 252

Yesterday, Dayne & I said goodbye to our apartment. Our itty-bitty, practically-on-top-of-the-Rt.-30-bypass, faces-the-garages-and-garbage-dump, beautiful, lovable, first-married apartment. The place I moved into mostly by myself (I dutifully carried my TV down the hill and up the stairs in the summer heat, wondering if I was going to make it). 323 more words


My first place

Ok so we didn’t make the cut on HGTV but we did find our first house!  It’s been a super exciting process, albeit a little stressful; there have been a few times when I thought we’d be camped out in the… 685 more words


Our First Place

Even though Luis and I hated your long hallway, and the several doors that had to be unlocked in order to get to our door, we loved you.   210 more words

Winter 2011/2012